10+ Memes of Najib in Recent Interview with Mary Ann Jolley, Al Jazeera

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. We shall let the pictures talk this round but if haven’t heard that former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak recently walked out of an Al-Jazeera interview, you can read about it here.

To start things off, here’s an “expert from an interview with Jibby’s top student” FeedMe Malaysia sighted on WhatsApp circulation, written by some netizen as a parody to the interview:

REPORTER: Sir, how is it now with all these allegations of scandals, specifically of you having an affair and sleeping with another woman whom has been seen many times in your bedroom?

JIBBY’S STUDENT: The REAL question is was I AWARE that the woman in my bed, was NOT my wife? Because just like every night, the lights were off!

REPORTER: But how could you NOT be aware that this woman in your bed, was NOT your wife? Could you not hear her voice or anything?

JIBBY’S STUDENT: When you reach a certain age after marriage, you just don’t SAY much when you want to DO it. You just do. And just like ALL the nights before, I ASSUMED that the lady in the bed WAS my wife!

REPORTER: But your wife is not SLIM like this lady is?

JIBBY’S STUDENT: Well I was in a position where my hands were tied, so I could not feel whether she was slim or not.

REPORTER: And so you simply allow yourself to be tied up by anyone in the dark? And what about her claims that her child is yours?
JIBBY’S STUDENT: Look! Let us talk about the Economy, you are not being FAIR to me! 😆😂🤣

Here are the memes curated from the Internet made by netizens as credited accordingly:

1. Want to roast but get roasted first

2. All Tom ever wanted was to hear Najib talks about the economy one last time…

3. Warning #03… *Mary Ann Jolley cannot compute

4. “So you mean people outside of Africa take picture of their food instead of eating it?”

5. Miss Putrajaya

6. “You didn’t have to cut me off” – Gotye

7. Easiest bait ever

8. Nasi lemak aunty just won’t listen!

Source: WhatsApp

9. Talking pictures…

Najib: I warn you, I am not for bully. Later I feed you a C4 then you know…

Najib: You are not fair, treating me like this. I didn’t do it… I loved her…

10. Paradox explained

Source: Facebook

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