1,000 Students Protested Against Unfair Fee Hike in MMU Melaka and Won

This is the power of unity!

After numerous protests, where one gathered over 1,000 students in a single event, Malacca campus of Multimedia University (MMU) has agreed to drop the decision to increase the student activity fee (SAF) incurred on students, Malaysiakini reported.

In a memo, MMU announced previously to raise the SAF from RM110 per year to RM500, starting April 2020. The fee was meant to facilitate and improve the impact of student activities.

However, the university’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC) opposed the idea and ran a campaign against MMU management.

SRC president Pouria Zibaei said 11,500 students had signed a petition against the increment and they were submitted to MMU on July 19.

The student council president also said the move to increase SAF was not approved by the council, clubs and societies.

In one of the protests on July 23, students gathered at night and held up candles and flashlights while different speakers took turns to give a speech. The next day, the students gathered again, all donned in white.

An agreement was reached today (Jul 30) between the SAF and MMU management, which the former called it a “win-win” situation.

“Based on mutual agreement, the management is agreeable that there will be no SAF increment for all existing undergraduate and postgraduate students.

“However, an official announcement of the policy will be released by the management after a detailed discussion with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC),” the student council said in a Facebook post.

SRC also thanked MMU management for collaborating with them to reach an agreement.

“We appreciate the students’ support and patience throughout this matter,” it added.

Wow, the students really cared about the RM390 fee increment and fought for it.

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