100sec Kiss with Your Lover This Valentine’s Gets You 2 FREE Bobas at this Cheras Store

Are you and your lover thirsty for some sweetness this Valentine’s Day? Well, this bubble tea store got you lovebirds out there covered.

Moojicha Malaysia has come out with a very unique way to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. They announced the quirky event yesterday at 12 noon.

All you need to do is just bring your lover to the boba store, smooch each other for 100 seconds. When you are done, you and your partner get a pair of FREE Valentine’s drinks: Choc-baji and Beauty.

Do not worry, it is a no strings attached offer. Just lock your lips with your beloved for 1 minute and 40 seconds, the drinks will be yours. No question asked, voila!

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As for the singles, it seems like the promotion is also open to you too as confirmed after Mojicha Malaysia quipped with their fans on the social media. You can drag your friend along and give them a french friend kiss. Only if you and your friend are on the same page, of course.

As for the same-sex couple, you are not left out as @MoojichaMalaysia said yes to an inquisitive fan who asked, “Girl and girl can? 😆😆”.

Over on Facebook, one female netizen tagged her female friend and said: “Let’s go and have a hot Frech kiss”, to which her friend agreed, “HAHAHAHA LETS GO #cheapskate.

What are you waiting for, lovebirds? Hurry and get there as they are only giving away 30 sets of the Valentine’s drinks. It is a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Mojicha is a new modern-lifestyle cafe that first opened their door last May. The boba store is located in Traders Square, Cheras. For more information, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram here.

This Valentine’s Day, do not just get all sweet over one another, remember to stay hydrated too.

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