11 Dogs Poisoned in Shah Alam As Residents Allegedly Feel Uneasy to See Them Around

It’s a tragic news coming from Elmina Garden, U16, Shah Alam, as 11 dogs were found dead in the neighbourhood over the span of one week, The Star reported.

One of the founders of Dogs of Denai Alam (Doda), a dog lover group in the vicinity, Kelvin Raj told the daily that the dogs were deduced to be poisoned after they found that there were no external injuries on the carcasses but saw only foam coming from their mouths and excretions. He said buckets of food were also found at the area and some birds and crows were also found dead in the garden.

“Seven plastic bowls were found in the central garden facing the three housing areas, and it is believed that the contents had poison,” said Raj.

A quick look-through on their Facebook posts, Doda has been actively saving stray dogs and seeking new homes for these men best friends. They make effort to spay the dogs, feed them, reuniting the dogs after they went missing, update news such as the council’s move in capturing the dogs, and even saved two puppies in the nick of time after they consumed the poison two weeks ago (Jul 22).

A 15-second video capturing footages of the two puppies fighting for their lives had attained 13,000 views on Facebook. They were seen shivering uncontrollably as they tried to gasp for air. Raj told the daily that the two puppies survived the blight after being rushed to a veterinarian.

Since July 24, Crista, Cressida and Garinia, Elmina East parts of the residential have accounted these 11 deaths at different hours of the day.

Raj said the dogs had been in the area before the residence was occupied. Despite not hurting anyone, residents were uncomfortable with the dogs’ presence, Raj told The Star.

Elmina Garden resident Tham Shaw Shiuan was the one that alerted Raj about the poisoning case. He said no one seemed to know who poisoned the dogs.

“I have asked neighbours who have CCTV cameras outside their houses to see if they could spot anything, but the cameras are not facing the garden where the bowls were placed.

“And some of the bowls were placed facing empty homes,” she said.

Tham added that the leaving poison food out in the open posed danger to house pets and children as well.

Doda has been working with Denai Alam Residents’ Association, Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), SPCA, and PAWs to come out with a permanent solution to humanely eliminate the stray dog prevalence in the neighbourhood.

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