12 Subtle Pickup Lines to Use on Your Boyfriend-Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is finally here. For those who are in love, FeedMe Malaysia has curated 12 of the best pickup lines on the Internet for you to spice up your date with your beloved. Let’s try it out on your partner today:

Complimentary pickup line


Source: Wattpad

A: Oh, there is something on your face.

B: What is it?

A: *hold his or her face and rubs it with your thumb

A: Oh, I guess your beauty cannot be rubbed off.

Game pickup line


Source: medicaldaily

A: Let’s play a game. If you win, I will do anything for you. But if I win, I get a kiss from you (or any of request).

B: Okay.

A: Repeat three words after me. If you pronounce one of them wrong, I win.

A: First word, dinosaur.

B: Dinosaur.

A: Hippopotamus.

B: Hippopotamus.

A: Wrong!

B: *shocked and rebutted

A: The third word is wrong. You owe me a kiss. *Leans in

Hands pickup lines

3. For girls:

A: They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But do you know what I put between my fingers could make me happier?

B: I don’t know.

A: *hold his hand.

A: Your hand… The gaps between my fingers are meant for yours.

Source: We Heart It

4. For both genders:

Your hand look heavy. Let me hold that for you.

Source: Giphy

Local pickup lines


Source: shutterstock

Do you know what you remind me of, darling?

Malaysia’s weather. You are always hot and making me sweaty.


Are you from Sabah?

Cause I tak sabah want to see you.

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