33,000 Litres of RON95 Goes Up in Flame, Netizens Mourn Over the Loss And Fear of Fuel Hike

Fuel is equivalent to money in many eyes. Some would even say it is even greater than money as it controls the economy. So to see 33,000 litres of fuel get wasted, Malaysians could not help but to feel sad about the loss.

Yesterday (Feb 17), The Borneo Post reported a fuel truck lost control of its wheels before overturning at KM51 of Bintulu-Miri coastal road at 8.30am. The truck driver was able to escape to safety with minor injuries before the explosion.

Source: Star TV

State Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief Supt Alexon Naga Chabu said, “(Initial) investigation reveals the driver lost control of the wheel, causing the truck to skid to the left of the road and overturned.”

The 30-year-old driver hailing from Kanowit, Sarawak, managed to get out of the tumbled vehicle on his own.

“Soon there was a spark from the lorry battery, causing the truck to catch fire,” Alexson added.

A loud explosion was heard in Kampung Pelapi, Bekenu. The driver’s license and identification card were caught in the fire. He was rushed to Miri Hospital for treatment with the help ofthe Civil Defence Force.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Zone 6 chief Law Poh Kiong said a total of 19 personnel from Miri Fire and Rescue Station, Lopeng Fire and Rescue Station and Samalaju Fire and Rescue Station were sent to the scene to put out the fire. Foam and water were used to put out the raging fire where its greasy smoke covered the sky.

Source: The Star

Source: Star TV

Law said it took the team three hours to extinguish the fire, adding that 100 per cent of the truckload was burned.

The incident blocked the two-way traffic and the police were present to control the situation. CMS personnel helped to remove the burnt truck to the side.

According to The Star‘s report today (Feb 18), Law has ascertained that the total loss is 33,000 litres of RON95 and diesel. That is about RM65,000 worth of fuel.

“So is the price going up this week to cover the cost?” one netizen quipped, another added, “Foresee fuel (price) of RON95 increase.”

Source: Facebook 

One Facebook user even connected the incident to the famous car racing franchise Fast and Furious.

“(Looks like) Toretto and his team have been active I see,” he said with his tongue in cheek.

Another netizen continued, “With Sarawak-born James Wan as director for Furious X”

James Wan is, a Kuching-born turned Australian, film director who directed Fast and Furious 7. In the franchise previous instalment Fast and Furious 4 (2009), the movie opened with protagonist Toretto stealing containers of fuel from a moving truck. What a witty connection our Malaysian netizens can make.

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