7 different types of hot and spicy (pedas) food lovers

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Love your hot and spicy food? You might be able to identify with these 7 types of hot and spicy food lovers

We Malaysians really love our spicy food. After all, our cuisine is filled with them from curries to our national dish nasi lemak. It’s pretty evident that a good majority of Malaysians love the tingling hot and “pedas” sensations on the tip of our tongues. For some, the spiciness can be unbearable for the taste buds but for spicy food lovers, eating a good, hot and spicy dish is not only delicious but pleasurable.Even going a week without eating spicy food seems torturous for them.

Not surprising that spicy food can be addictive to some as there is a thin line between pain and pleasure, and there’s even a good amount of science behind it (but that’s a whole other article). The thing is, have you ever observed the behaviour of people who eat spicy food? Pay enough attention, and you’ll notice that we can actually split the types of people that love their spicy fare, not to mention how hilarious they look. So without further adieu, here are the 7 different types of people you’ll find who love their spicy food.

The Sweaty Ones


This person is the epitome of a spicy food lover. The sweaty spicy food lover can handle anything you throw at him/her up to a certain degree that is. Despite the fact that they’re able to handle the general spiciness of their food (evidenced by that heaping pile of chilli padi they have in their condiment dish) the effects of the “pedasness” still can’t be hidden. This is because their constantly sweating buckets be it either from their face, neck and even clothes.

This type of person should really prepare a change of clothes once they start hitting the chillies and curries because they always end up looking like they’d just ran a 20 km marathon.

The one with the Runny Nose 


In addition to making you sweat, a good hot and spicy dish can also cause your nose to run. Just try to listen the next time you are in a restaurant where they serve something hot and spicy. There’ll be the constant sounds of “srat srot srat srot”, good evidence that someone has runny nose and obviously enjoying their hot and spicy fare (then again they could also be having a cold). The noise might not be so obvious for some, but sometimes hearing too much of it might even make you lose your appetite.

The crybaby


Apparently having a bad breakup isn’t the only thing that’ll make you cry buckets. A good hot and spicy dish can also cause the tears to flow as well. The difference is that instead of tears of sadness, it’s tears of joys (or some guys, manly tears). These people can sometimes be hard to spot since all that crying isn’t always that evident, but if you look close enough, you might make out tears streaks on the sides of their face and maybe, in some women’s cases, streaky mascara.

The fanner


Slurping lips, teary eyes, runny nose and sweating are just the normal traits of most people eating a good hot and spicy dish, but there’s more. On top of the weird noises and physical reactions you’ll get there’s also the type that has to “cool” that spice level down a notch. These type of people are always fanning themselves every time they take a mouthful of that evil, spicy looking curry. It’s as if they think they can tame the spiciness with a little bit of fan power.

It sometimes does take the edge off a bit but you’re more likely accidentally splash some spice in your eye and that’ll definitely make you into not only the fanning type but the crybaby one as well.

The one that drinks too much


Occasionally you’ll notice that restaurants that serve spicy food, there’ll be a table that’s filled with drink glasses. It’s very likely you’ve encountered what we like to call, the “over-drinker”. Make no doubt about it, this person still loves their hot and spicy dishes but it’s just that their “tahan” level just isn’t up to par.  Instead, they end up drinking water or whatever beverage to “cool” down that ever-growing tingly feeling on their tongues, usually at an amount so disproportionate to what they’re eating.

In the end, they’re more likely to get bloated from all that liquid they’ve drank just after consuming one tiny bowl of hot and spicy curry mee or laksa.

The one that keeps adding food


It’s no secret that hot and spicy food can also increase your appetite, and this sometimes happens more to others than some. Don’t believe us, just head to any banana leaf rice place known for their hot and spicy curries and observe. They’d usually start off with a banana leaf heaping with curry and will end up calling the waiter for more. Sometimes they might not even bother with the waiter and will immediately take their own rice. For these people. their willpower to abstain themselves from eating more is just too weak and it’s even compounded more with the spiciness of their dishes.

The Amateurs


Finally we have the amateurs. These are the ones that have just started their journey into the wonderful world of hot and spicy food. They might have never eaten any hot and spicy food before or just can’t handle “the burn” (yes, believe it or not, these people exist here in Malaysia!).

They usually do it just because they’ve been told by friends, want to show off, or just want to try for one. Unfortunately, most of the time these people will usually end up screaming for water or anything else to cool off their tortured tongues. Either that or they start exhibiting 2 to 3 or even all of the behaviours above.

Whatever the case though, there’s usually two outcomes. They either swear off spicy food forever or they somehow, start to like it, adding one more into the army of hot and spicy food lovers in Malaysia.

So there you have it, the 7 types of hot and spicy food lovers you’ll find in Malaysia. Which type are you and which ones have you seen before in your hot and spicy food journey?

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