Abang Botak Uses Helmet, Here Are 5 Other Malaysians’ Weapon of Choice in Road Rage

Recently, the video of motorcyclist Danial Abdullah Tan smashing a windscreen of a vehicle with his helmet went massively viral on social media.

In the two-minute video, Danial, dubbed by netizens as “Abang Botak”, stopped in front of a Perodua Axia and swung his helmet on the windscreen, causing it to completely shatter.

According to The Star, the incident happened at Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan on Tuesday (May 28), 5.30pm.

Abang Botak was arrested two days later (May 30) and was sentenced to 12 months in jail for committing mischief. No more Raya for him. 

The video was captured by victim Siew Chean Voon, 58, via a dashcam and he suffered damage amounting to RM600.

Source: FMT

Abang Botak told the court that Siew almost rammed into his bike and saw Siew making a gesture at him. Out of anger, he smashed his helmet on the windscreen, FMT reported.

Abang Botak is not the first road rage incidents that have gotten the whole nation talking and netizens making memes out of it. In fact, we have quite a number of interesting incidents where some of these angry road users have resorted to different weapons to cause harm.

FeedMe Malaysia has gathered a list of five where these Malaysians have used different objects to intimidate or injure other Malaysians. The first one being:

1. Slippers

A thing you wear that can turn into a projectile? This lady’s choice is a pair of slippers.

This incident happened in June 2017 on victim Lim H. En. In the viral post, Lim said that she was waiting for a vehicle to exit the parking spot but a red Proton Persona came rushing in and stole the spot from her.

Lim confronted the family later but a lady retaliated furiously. The rude lady flipped a middle finger to Lim, smashed and kicked her car.

While Lim was leaving, the lady picked up her right sandal and threw at Lim’s vehicle. Limping with an uneven pair of legs, she picked up her left sandal and threw at Lim again.

Lim’s upload was reshared over 39,000 times and the video was viewed 3.4 million times. Truly a classic in Malaysia road rage cases.

Here are some memes stemmed from the incident:

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

2. Steering lock

Many road rage motorists’ first weapon of choice is the steering lock and there are many of such cases in Malaysia. However, one that stood out the most and got the whole nation talking was the “Kiki outburst.”

Source: YouTube

It was an incident four years ago in July 2014. The wielder of the steering lock was Siti Fairrah Ashykin, who called herself Kiki.

At that time, Kiki was driving her three-week-old Peugeot.

The 30-year-old lady brought the steering lock out of her car and repeatedly knocked the victim’s car. The victim was a 68-year-old man who accidentally bumped into her new car.

She was also caught on camera demanding RM2,000 and hurled racial insults at the senior man.

“Kiki” on the right, victim “Uncle Sim” on the right. Source: Finance Twitter

The lady became a hot topic nationwide, even other road users started taking pictures of her car when they spotted it on the road:

Here are some memes of Kakak Kiki:

Source: Twitter

Source: The Star

3. Industrial Discs Grinder

A little bit out of the conventional, this man resorted to an industrial discs grinder to cut off a wheel clamp.

Source: Facebook

Happened in September 2018, the man was frustrated at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) officers for clamping his car despite stopping his vehicle only for “no more than 20 minutes.”

The man pulled out a long extension, connected to a power outlet from a shop in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, to power his discs grinder. Before he could finish cutting off the lock, DBKL officers came back and the man started shouting at them.

Source: Facebook

You can read the full story here.

4. Hammer

Source: Facebook

The next weapon is a hammer, which was also used in multiple road rage incidents in Malaysia.

A minor road accident between a lorry and a sedan had caused a big scene in a Johor Bahru junction back in January 2018.

Source: Facebook

The enraged lorry driver alighted his vehicle with a hammer in his hand and threatened to smash the victim’s car.

Facebook user Yuki Wei Wei who posted the video said the lorry was already driving recklessly before the incident and she contributed the fault to the lorry driver who forced his way through the junction.

At one point of the 30-second video, the lorry diver hit the roof of the car, intimidating the driver to come out of the vehicle.

Source: Facebook

5. Parang

This weapon takes it to the next level because its usage has the intent to cause serious hurt.

While there are a number of cases where enraged drivers have resorted to a parang to intimidate or cause hurt on others, one of the most prominent cases is the one in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur back in February 2018.

The incident was captured on a dashcam and the post was reshared over 12,000 times.

Jimmy Soo said he was waiting for his brother in his vehicle at Kuchai Avenue Serviced Apartments until a black Proton Saga suddently hit his car and ran away.

“Right at that moment, my brother came out from one of the shops and we decided to chase down the car with the intention to reason with the driver,” Soo wrote.

When they came to a traffic light junction where the black Saga was forced to stop, Soo’s brother alighted the car to confront the hit-and-run driver.

Who would have known, the driver came down with a parang and charged towards Soo’s brother.

In the end, Soo’s brother suffered injury wounds in the inner thighs that required four threads of surgical sutures while Soo suffered cuts on his face and that his spectacles were smashed to pieces.


It is a scary world out there, especially on the road.

Did we miss any viral road rage incidents? And what are your thoughts on these incidents? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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