“Ah Gua” Teacher Shouldn’t Have Caned Female Student, Say Maszlee and Teo Nie Ching

Yesterday (Jun 24), a video which saw a mother confronting a teacher went viral on social media.

In the two-minute video, the mother was looking for an explanation from the teacher who bruised her daughter severely on her left arm and thigh with a cane.

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Since the incident, both Education Minister Maszlee Malik and its deputy, Teo Nie Ching, had expressed their disapproval of the corporal punishment committed by the teacher.

It is understood from the video that the teacher was upset by the student’s remark, calling him an “Ah Gua” (a transgender or effeminate man in Hokkien). The male teacher then lashed out on the teen girl which she apologized after her friend’s advice.

“She said that she was sorry. Why did you do this to her? You are a teacher (cikgu besar).

“You cannot cane her like this. As a teacher, you cannot do this. You are wrong.

“She only said things to you. She did not hit you, did she? If she did, then it’s fine. Don’t be like this.

“You are angry? You can fight? You’re strong? You are a teacher, you are supposed to teach the children,” said the heartbroken mother as a bid to seek justice and stand for her daughter.

Source: FMT

The teacher nodded and stayed silent when the mother reprimanded him.

“But did you ask your daughter what she said to me?” the teacher broke his silence, to which the mother replied “Ah Gua.”

“From a certain aspect, it is not allowed,” the teacher continued but he was interrupted by the mother, stating that her daughter had apologized and asked if saying sorry once was not enough.

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The teacher said he did not mind students calling him names behind his back but not just in front of him. Another teacher stepped in to defend her colleague, conversing in Mandarin, that the male teacher was embarrassed by her daughter which called out “Cikgu Ah Gua” in front of other students.

The mother retaliated and said if this teacher could not stand with criticism and lash out on a student, then he does not deserve to be a teacher.

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The two continued arguing in Mandarin where the female teacher said her colleague did not wish to cane her to the point of bruising her and admitted that it was an act of anger. While the mother also admitted her daughter was at fault for making such a remark but caning to the extent of not being able to lift her hand was totally uncalled for.

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It is through the exchange that we learned that the male teacher had never taught this student and had no prenotion of her.

“(This student) suddenly came forward and called him ‘Ah Gua,’ it made him felt very bad as a teacher,” said the female teacher, where another voice, presumably a third teacher at the scene, was heard saying it was as if a direct mockery.

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Netizens are divided on this issue, where some were claiming the teacher in question did nothing wrong because the girl was being unrespectful.

Some even directed their anger at the mother, saying that she was being too protective and it is mothers like her that created this “snowflake generation” − a term that describes youngsters in this 2010s are typically less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations.

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It is a funny remark (snowflake generation) because the person who took offence here was the teacher,” said a netizen in response.

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Snowflakes or not, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said that the case will be investigated and the Johor state education department will call in the student’s parent so that both parties can reach a resolution.

Source: Malay Mail

However, Maszlee stressed that the teacher should not have resorted to caning the student.

“I would also like to stress that any act of violence against student should not be condoned. The ministry is positive that the matter can be solved in the near future, following the best suited standard operating procedures,” he said in a statement.

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching also echoed the same, stating that female students are not supposed to receive corporal punishment in accordance with the ministry’s circular dating back to 2003, FMT reported.

“Even caning for male students, only two areas are allowed, on the palm of the hand or the buttocks and only the headmaster or school principal has the authority to do so,” Teo said.

Source: FMT

She said teachers who are going through emotional stress should seek counselling rather than lashing out on their students.

“Being an educator is not an easy task. In the ministry, we remind all educators and students that schools are a place to inculcate love and mutual respect for one another.

“This issue shows that our educators are facing trouble controlling their emotions. We are ready to provide counselling for teachers with emotional problems.”

She added hat the no-caning move is in line with the ministry’s vision to create a loving and empathetic school environment.

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