Check out these two samurais have an airborne battle with jetpacks

Airborne sword battles can be pretty dangerous so needless to say, don’t’ try this at home

What’s better than two samurais battling it out in some cool and intricate swordplay. How about two samurais going at it in mid-air. Now that ought to be a sight to see. A scene like that would make an awesome anime and an even more awesome action sequence for a movie.

Japanese actor, director and inventor Shota Mori decided that he wanted to make such a scene happen. He managed to bring it to real life and stage mid-air samurai jetpack duels.

The video starts off with both samurais crossing swords with each on the ground until both jetpacks ignite bringing the two into the air where they start slashing at each other. The scene isn’t exactly like what you’d expect from an action movie or an anime though and at times it seems awkward.

Eventually, one of the samurais defeats the other and as both land and since the winner still has some juice left in his jetpack, he flies off while looking down at his defeated opponent.

Of course, some are sceptical about the video being legit but Mori is keeping any secrets to himself. We think that is pretty much staged as the video is part of SoftBank’s Softbank Smartphone Junior High School project of videos. These videos have some vague connections to academic fields as well as science and technology.

Still, we could give it the benefit of the doubt and we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more “interesting” and weird videos to be posted by Mori and possibly Softbank.

Source: SoraNews

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