HK star Anthony Wong finds his long lost brothers thanks to the BBC and Facebook

Anthony wong brother reunion

After decades of searching, HK actor Anthony Wong finally reunites with his long-lost brothers thanks to the BBC and Facebook

Anthony Wong or Wong Chau San as he is widely known, is a prolific Hong Kong actor with many critical acclaim movies under his belt. You’ve seen in Hong Kong movies like Initial DHard Boiled and Infernal Affairs as well as the Hollywood movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon EmperorWhile many will know of his body of work, there’s one thing that many might not know about, his search for his long-lost brother.

Wong’s was born Anthony William Perry and was the son of Frederick William Perry a former British Hong Kong government official and Wong Juen-Yee. According to the actor, he has brief memories of his father. This is because the last time Wong saw his father, he was only four years old. For over decades, Wong searched for news of his father, only armed with the sparse information his mother gave him, and the little photographs and biographical details of his father. All of the searches came to nought.

With the arrival of the internet age, his search got a little more optimistic. Wong said he had grown up feeling “trapped in between” his British and Hong Kong identities while growing up without his father and he hoped that the internet would finally bring him some answers.

Thanks to a report done by the BBC of China about Wong’s search for his father, viewers decided to set up a Facebook thread to help the actor even after the report was done. The link eventually found its way to the Perrys. Wong’s two half-brothers received an email from their cousin saying there was  “a rather sensitive matter that they should know about”. And when they saw the BBC report themselves they saw a man who was in no doubt their father.

This finally lead to the reunion between the long-lost half-siblings, which the BBC shared a reunion video of them recently. In it Wong was emotional about meeting his siblings, Australia based John and David Perry. In a mix of Cantonese and English, the Hong Kong actor said “I thought: ‘How on earth did this happen? Amazing, impossible, a miracle!’”

BBC的镜头 黄秋生的团圆

【BBC的报导播出后,黄秋生找到了他的英国哥哥】多年来,香港演员 黃秋生Anthony Perry 一直在寻找他的英国父亲。如今他表示,BBC早前对他的报导播出后,他找到了澳大利亚那个此前对他的存在一无所知的英国家庭。 https://bbc.in/2Gt0OL7

Posted by BBC中文网 on 26hb Mac 2018

Of course, unearthing a long-lost sibling you never heard of before, albeit so famous, might have brought up a bit of mixed feelings for the Perrys but they were not upset that their father had kept the secret from them for decades. They also believed that their mother, who passed on in 1972, did not know of Wong either. They did say that their father would be pleased they’re all finally reunited.

After decades of searching, Wong has finally reunited with his father’s side of the family and the actor said that he can finally make peace with his past and let a new journey begin.

Source: BBC

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