As Azmin-Anwar’s Tension Grows, IGP Reveals Sex Video Is Conspired By a Political Party Leader

The plot thickens last night (Jul 18) after Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador revealed that the gay sex video implicating Economics Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali was orchestrated by a political party leader, The Star reported.

Without naming the leader, the police chief said the conspirator spent hundreds of thousands of ringgit to destroy Azmin’s political career, and circumstantially caused unrest to the public.

Source: The Sun Daily

“The result of PDRM’s investigations revealed that there is a notorious pact led by the leader of a political party, aimed at embarrassing and tarnishing the reputation of a certain individual.

“The videos which were spread with the intention to provoke people’s anger, was produced by a party, who was paid hundreds of thousands of ringgit,” Abdul Hamid said.

Earlier, the IGP also revealed that the gay sex video was authentic but the police failed to identify the men in it. He clarified that the CyberSecurity team was not able to match any faces to those featured in the video.

According to FMT, nine individuals have been arrested in relation to the case, including former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz, who admitted he was one of the men in the video, and Perak PKR leader Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, who is also PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary.

Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, Anwar’s political aide. Source: The Star

Farhash Wafa told Azmin to resign if the latter was conclusively identified as the man in the video, a statement also echoed by Anwar publicly two days ago (Jul 17).

In response, Azmin told Anwar to “look in the mirror”, a jab to his party leader because the latter was imprisoned twice in relation to sodomy but is still currently in politics.

Azmin is not alone on this because several PKR members, past or current, have publicly spoken against the Prime Minister-in-waiting lately.

PKR founding Member Goes Against Anwar

Malay Mail reported PKR founding member Khalid Jaafar as saying that Anwar should resign.

“In the run-up to GE14, he was portrayed as the seventh prime minister. After GE14, Anwar is certain to be the eighth prime minister as there is apparently an agreement. Only an inch from the prime minister’s seat.

“Only an inch left but Anwar is impatient. He worries someone else will overtake him. He throws a stone at his rival. He does not realise he lives in a glass house,” Khalid wrote on a Facebook post yesterday (Jul 18), calling his party president to resign.

It is also worth to note that Khalid is an adviser to Azmin.

Sacked PKR member runs anti-Awnwar campaign

Source: The Star

Besides, sacked Seputeh PKR branch chief P. Ganapathy also criticized Anwar, claiming that the latter is unfit to be the next premier.

“A reformist would not play divisive politics to remain in power. If he can divide the party, he can divide the nation,” said Ganapathy who was fired after he questioned the leadership in a WhatsApp group consisting of Anwar and all branch leaders.

“They sacked me for asking questions the president didn’t want to hear… I merely posted videos and allegations posted on social media and sought Anwar’s clarification.

“I never said anything against the party. My comments were targeted at the individual helming the party.

“Now that they have sacked me, I am free to express my views openly,” he told reporters in a press conference today (Jul 19).

Ganapathy accused Anwar of playing dirty politics by practising nepotism cronyism in the party elections last year.

“He appointed some of those who had lost in the party elections as supreme council members.

“He chose people who were rejected by the grassroots as long as they supported him. What kind of reformation is that?”

He added he had supported PKR since its inception, contributing both time and money to the party without asking a post in return.

“If Anwar has no qualms sacking a member like me… imagine how he would treat the rakyat?” he asked.

Anwar supporters rise up

Kedah PKR chief Datuk Johari Abdul. Source: Malay Mail

With Anwar being suspected as the conspirator behind the sex video implicating Azmin, six PKR state chiefs have come out to pledge their faith in Anwar.

The six state chiefs, representing PKR in Perlis, Kedah, Melaka, Terengganu, Federal Territories and Kelantan, even signed a statement that promised their unwavering support in Anwar.

“We stand firmly behind him in facing any challenge against any efforts by those who want to weaken our party.

“We give full and undivided commitment to him (Anwar) in his efforts to lead the country to a level that the rakyat want,” Kedah PKR chief Datuk Johari Abdul told reporters in a press conference today as well.

Johari added that he believed eight other state chiefs would pledge their support to Anwar when meet for a party retreat at Port Dickson tonight.

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