Beachgoers Got “Poop Bomb” by China Tourist Taking a Dump on P.D. Beach

When you tried to take a perfect picture but you get some tourists photobombing your moment. We know how it feels. It wrecks everything.

But, well… these two buddies had it worse because they got shat.

According to NST, a tourist from China was seen publicly relieving herself at the Batu 5, Port Dickson last weekend. It happened so when two beachgoers were taking a selfie. Coincidently, the woman was at the background shamelessly exposed her buttcheeks to the shuttering camera.

The pooping-action woman was accompanied by two other individuals, believed to her kinswomen, trying to shield their friend.

The offensive act has made the Port Dickson City Council (MPPD) President Mohd Zamri Mohd Esa flushed with displeasure. He said that the authority is now investigating the matter after it was widely circulated on various social media platforms.

The president described it as the Chinese-national tourist as “desperate” to let go of her faeces as she was having a stomach ache.

“Regarding the incident, MPPD now is on the effort of building toilets on the beach.

“We are still waiting for the RM8 million allocation to build guest bathrooms and toilets, which will be privatized according to the state’ government plan”, he said when Harian Metro interviewed him.

Over on the internet, local netizens went bonkers towards the tourists’ behaviour. The comments from our Malaysian netizens are savage and smart like always.

This would be terrible for the sea cucumber catchers as they might have mistaken the shit for it,” one netizen wrote. The phone is known for its incredible zoom capability. 

Another Facebook user wrote, “If the person is using Huawei p30, that would be the end of her.”

“(The person) should have run to the tourist and kick her slightly to make her fall on her shit”, one wrote. 

We all hope tourists especially the ones from China will respect and learn the cultural differences from other countries. 

What your thoughts on the tourists having their private business on our shore? Let us known in the comments below. 


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