Beware Ladies! Peeping Tom in Mid Valley Hides Below Escalator to Look Under Your Skirt

The next time you feel a bit feminine as you put on a skirt or a dress and head to the mall, be sure to stay alert when you climb on the escalators because there might be a peeping tom creeping below you to gaze what’s under your skirt.

In a viral post by Facebook user Li Wei Lee, Lee shared five video footage of a man in his 40s or 50s walking back and forth under a glass panelled escalator to peek at unsuspecting women in skirts.

Source: Facebook

The man, donned in a grey Under Armor t-shirt, blue drawstring gym bag and strapped with a waist bag, strolled along the escalator whenever a lady in a skirt or dress took the escalator. With a hand in his pocket, he brazenly looked up through the glass balustrade to peep at the woman’s undergarment.

In all five videos, Lee was able to capture the man in the act where one of them even saw two ladies in skirts ascending the escalator behind one another.

Within just two days (Aug 31), the post had gone viral with over 12,000 shares at the time of writing. Lee warned her fellow ladies about the pervert she caught on film.

“This pervert is hunting (at Mid Valley). He has been walking back and forth several times to peek under the girls’ skirt by the escalator.

“Please be careful, ladies. I have already reported to the information counter,” Lee wrote in a brief caption.

Many female netizens tagged their best friends to warn them about the incident while some other tagged their significant other and asked them to protect them.

Source: Facebook

One protective boyfriend advised his girlfriend to wear “10 underwears” and he would be guarding her from behind. He even said he would poke the man’s eyes out if he ever saw the creep.

Source: Facebook

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