Beware of Scam Calls Asking for Summons Payment and Personal Info, PDRM & MACC Warn

The modus operandi that got a handful of Malaysians duped for tens of thousands of Ringgit in what they called the “Macau scam” had seemed to spur out a new form of similar scam.

Yesterday (Oct 9), Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM) warned the members of the public to be wary of calls demanding traffic summons payment by individuals who claimed to be working for the police.

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In a statement on Facebook, the police clarified that they didn’t hire a third-party agency or company to collect summons payment or on their behalf. The police stated that they had received complaints from the public and also detected several syndicates pretending to help people settle their claims, summon discounts and traffic compounds.

“The syndicate’s modus operandi is to deceive the victims through phone calls, advertisements on social media and introducing themselves as traffic police.

“If you see any social media accounts or individuals offering service to pay traffic summons, you may contact the nearest police station for verification,” PDRM wrote in the 10am post.

In regards to any issues pertinent to traffic summons or complaints, the statement urged the members of the public to reach them at 03-22663346 or [email protected]

Separately, there were syndicates posing as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as well. According to The Star, the anti-graft body said they wouldn’t contact anyone by telephone, email or any social media applications to obtain personal and confidential details to conduct their investigations.

Source: The Star

MACC said they had received complaints from the public of such a modus operandi. They wished the people could be more sensitive when sharing personal information and hoped that more people were made known about this issue.

“People who receive such dubious calls are advised to obtain confirmation from any MACC office over the 1-800-88-6000 line and at the address posted on its official portal,,” said MACC.

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