Beware of unscrupulous workshops selling fake engine oil in the Klang Valley

engine oil

Recycled engine oil repackaged as brand new are being sold so take precaution whenever you’re sending your car to be serviced

If you’re living in the Klang Valley, your car is one of the most important things you’d own. It takes a significant amount of your earnings (petrol and instalments) and its the one thing that allows you to travel freely in the city, especially when our public transport isn’t always the best choice.

So taking care of your car is given. Give it regular service, top-up its engine oil, the work. Which is why having a trusted mechanic is a must as well. The trusted part though can be challenging especially with this report by Harian Metro recently It seems that many workshops in the Klang Valley have been found to be selling fake engine oil to their customers.

It seems there is a syndicate responsible for the processing of the used oil, which they can obtain between RM40 to RM80 per barrel from workshops that are willing to sell their used barrels of oils. From there they will use a special chemical that will together with the oil is filtered continuously until it turns into the semi-transparent golden brown engine oil we’re all familiar with.

The oils are then repackaged into well-known brands’ containers and subsequently sold to customers under big discounts, up to 50%. Most customers usually would not care if to check since they’re getting what they think are well-known brands. As for workshops who knowingly purchase these oils, the ones that do usually do so to make a profit, and they do so without even informing the customers they use the oil on.

Why would using recycled oil be bad for your car anyway? According to an automobile expert, Ahmad Salihin Abd Rahim who was quoted in the Harian Metro report, using fake engine oil can affect the performance of a car and the worst case scenario, cause major engine damage.

It seems though that some dent has been put into the syndicate’s operation as The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) recently conducted a raid at three spare parts shops located at Taman Daya in Kepong, Taman Segar in Cheras, and Taman Melati in Setapak. Over 517 4 litre bottles of fake engine oil labelled with well-known engine oil brands were seized together with 34 units of fake gear oil and 22 units of fake brake fluid.

Hopefully, the authorities will be able to find more of the syndicate and shut down the operation soon because, for many of us, we might not be able to tell the difference between what’s real and fake. That makes us sitting ducks for any unscrupulous workshop to take advantage of.

Source: Harian Metro

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