Body Language mistakes you shouldn’t make at work

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Communication in the office goes beyond emails and verbal conversations. Body language is a big part as well. Here’s some mistakes you shouldn’t make

Aside from what you verbally say out loud, body language also says a lot. That’s why it’s important to make sure your body language is saying the right things, even if you’ve verbally voiced it out. This is especially so if you’re at work. If there’s one place you don’t want to give off bad vibes, it’s at the office.

It goes without saying that having the wrong body language at work would definitely impact what your colleagues, and more importantly, what your boss thinks about you. If you’re doing some of the things on this list, you might want to reconsider the way you act at work. If you’re not sure if you’re breaking the body language rules, you might want to check this list out.

Rolling Your Eyes


For most people, rolling your eyes has been a no-no since you were a child. Rolling your eyes at your parents when they were “wrong” was one thing, but rolling your eyes at your boss is a completely different monster. If you have the courage to do this you’ll be lucky to have a job the next day. It’s safe to say this is something that you should avoid.

Crossing Your Arms, Legs, or Feet


Crossing your arms or legs at work can give off the wrong message. While criss-cross applesauce was the thing to do in elementary school, that’s not really how it works in the workplace. Sitting like that while you’re pumping out endless emails might feel comfortable, but it might give off a bad impression that you’re a little too comfortable.

Crossing your arms in the middle of a conversation can make it seem like you’re waiting for the conversation to end. However, crossing your arms while you’re alone in your cubicle can make it seem like you’re deep in thought about your assignment.



Slouching is not only bad for your back, but it could be bad for your job. Slouching constantly in your office seat can make your boss and fellow employees feel like you don’t care about your job, or maybe that you’re too comfortable. A simple solution would be practising your posture while you’re sitting and making sure you seem alert and attentive. Another solution could be getting a standing desk at work.

Invasion of Personal Space


Invading other people’s personal space isn’t something you should do anywhere, but especially not in the workplace. It’s nice to keep a healthy distance between yourself and whoever it is you’re interacting with, even if they’re one of your friends. you can make the other person feel pretty uncomfortable and even threatened by your presence. You definitely don’t want to go around invading your bosses personal space.

What do you think? What other bad body language mistake you shouldn’t make in the office.

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