“Bossku” Najib is Dropping a Hip-Hop Song Tonight, Aims to Get 1M Views Within 24-Hour

A former Prime Minister being featured in a hip-hop music video? That must be a first in Malaysia’s history. 

Dear Malaysians, stay tuned to your social media as Datuk Sri Najib Razak will be appearing in a music video that is going live tonight at 11pm.

According to Mohd Nor Kharoni, or better known as Ron Kamisan, he will be releasing the video on YouTube and the name of the song is called “BBB” − a short for “bukan biasa-biasa” (not the usual), a catchphrase popularized by him back in February.

On his Instagram and Najib’s Facebook page, a 45-second video was published yesterday as a teaser and in it, Najib is seen cruising into the scene in a white Toyota Vellfire, escorted by police outriders.

The door slowly slides open to reveal Najib as Ron starts to rap. He is seated in a table with four men at Lepaking, a “hipster” food spot in Jalan Gombak, which is owned by Ron, The Star reported.

Najib gives a thumb up in response to Ron and the lyrics of the beginning can be translated into: “Let’s move forward / This is not the end / With this, I present / A prayer for success”.

Malu apa bossku” catchphrase follows suit soon after, presumably the chorus, and it is accompanied by “bukan biasa-biasa” in repetition.

On May 14, Ron posted a video on his Instagram which sees two rappers performing the opening the song to Najib. Ron has a 100k followers on Instagram and Malay Mail described him as an entrepreneur.

Ron also announced on his Instagram that Najib will make an appearance in PWTC tonight at 10.30pm to officiate the premiere of the song. He also wished the song could reach 1 million views within a day.

Four days ago (May 21), Ron also posted a behind-the-scenes clip of the MV shooting. Its top comment on the video says, “Macam buat malu jer (It looks like you are only embarrassing yourself).”

It is hard to blame the comment as the MV seems to be shot in a regular DSLR camera on a gimbal in front of two muscle cars. In another comment, it criticizes Malaysian artists have no creativity by incorporating the boring “malu apa bossku” catchphrase and sing praise on someone who stole rakyat’s money.

However, over at Najib’s Facebook page, netizens beg to differ. Najib was greeting by an ocean of people in Pulau Pinang today when he announced that he was merely there to enjoy Nasi Kandar.

On the aforementioned music video, Najib’s post attracted 2,000 supporters in the comment section and the top comment read, “I’m proud of having a wise, honest and integrity leader like you Dato Sri Najib *muah muah.. May Allah bless you and your family and happy Ramadhan Kareem.”

So guys, be sure to check out the political song sensation on YouTube tonight.

You can watch the lyrics video of the song on the next page.

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