Cab Video Showed Andy Hui Cheated with TVB Actress Jacqueline Wong, Tearfully Apologizes to Sammi Cheng

“There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out,” said the American actress Mae West. She seemed to be right on that as one actress, who is in a relationship with another celebrity, was caught having an affair with a married Hong Kong singer.

During a press conference yesterday (Apr 16), Andy Hui admitted he had cheated on his wife with actress Jacqueline Wong.

Source: South China Morning Post

According to Business Insider Singapore, he told the media that he had done something “unforgivable”.

“I’ve come here to take responsibility.

“I regret it very much and find it very hard to face myself and accept myself,” he sobbed.

He added he was drunk on the night when the video was recorded, but it is inexcusable for what happened. Hui also announced he would put his career on hold immediately.

A 16-minute video has gone viral in Hong Kong and the region after the singer was seen kissing and touching with Kenneth Ma’s, an Hong Kong actor, girlfriend.

According to Apple Daily HK51-year-old singer Andy Hui was caught engaging in physical intimacy with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong inside a taxi. It was uncertain whether the camera was set up coincidently or deliberately by the taxi driver.

In the monochrome video, the two of them sat behind along with another man. Wong was sitting in the middle.

Not too long into the 16-minute video, Hui put his hand on Wong’s thigh numerous times while she also did the same.

Source: Apple Daily HK

For a few minutes, the male friend insisted for Wong to drop off first but she and Hui wanted the individual to get off first instead. Hui seemed pretty annoyed by the male friend who was trying to delay his departure.

Right after the male friend left, the taxi driver asked where the two wanted to go. Both Wong and Hui answered the same place − Lei Yue Mun, a place known as a fishing village in Hong Kong.

Source: Facebook| Boom Go Go

The two started getting intimate and touchy with each other. There were a number of times Wong pulled down her mask to kiss Hui. The two were also seen closely hugging together.

Source: Apple Daily HK

The 51-year-old singer and the 30-year-old actress were physically flirting until the very end of the video.

38jiejie reported that Wong and Hui are quite chummy as the actress had posted pictures with him on Instagram.

To make matter worse, Wong and Hui’s wife, singer Sammi Cheng, are good friends as there is one Instagram video showed the two of them working out together.

It seems like Wong once commented on Cheng’s video but she had deleted it due to unknown reasons. In the post, many of Cheng’s fans condemned Wong and some called her out for making out with Cheng’s husband.

“Disgusting… being together with someone’s husband, yet you still got the nerve to work out with his wife (Sammi)? Really shameless, skin as thick as ruler.”

Reporters told Wong’s sister, Scarlett Wong, about the incident and she seemed to be in the dark about it. “What? Andy Hui? Where did it come from?”

The reporters then told Scarlett that the illicit relationship was exposed by Apple Daily HK. She replied that she must understand the situation first.

Reporters also asked if she knew the two were together, she said, “I really don’t know. I have to see the video first.”

You can watch the video on the next page. 

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