Car Enthusiast Explains “Genius” Carpark Layout in Bangsar Building But Gets Lectured By Netizens

When asked to think about carpark, many Malaysians do not have a nice thing to say as it is a place where many of us put our patience to test when looking for an empty spot. However, a car enthusiast found an innovative carpark layout in a building in Bangsar and decided to give a shoutout for its “genius” design.

The carpark in question is in Capri By Fraser, Bangsar South. The people behind Aurizn Malaysia, an online magazine site of all thing about but not limited cars, showed that the carpark does not have a ramp − yet it is a multistorey garage.

Source: Traveloka

In the four-minute video, the man behind the camera, Bobby Ang, tried to explain how the carpark was designed.

“Can you see that this part is shallower than this part?

“This whole thing is actually is slanted,” said Ang, citing that the floor of the carpark is a gradual incline throughout the multistorey carpark space.

Ang told his colleague Beng to row a bottle on the floor to prove his point and he even walked around the carpark to demonstrate that the carpark is an inclining helical, thus not needing a ramp to direct vehicles from one floor to another.

“This parking space doesn’t waste any space to build ramps. Stupid ramps that are tight and very hard to manoeuvre.

“(This) entire parking lot is so easy to manoeuvre and the entire parking lot is a slope,” said Ang as he walked around the carpark.

He contended that parking lots should be designed this method and he called out architects to learn from it. He added that the first time he saw this design was in Switzerland and said that an old building in Cheras, Pheonix Plaza, has the same layout too.

The video went viral with half a million of views on Facebook and 3,400 shares. While the Reactions were mostly positive, but the comments were not pleasant.

A netizen shared Sydney Opera House Car Park blueprint to illustrate what Ang was trying to describe. Source: | Facebook

Many netizens said the message could be easily delivered in tens of seconds but Aurizn Malaysia took four-minute to explain a carpark layout.

“This whole video could have been told in 30 seconds. Get to the point faster next time,” one netizen wrote.

Netizens from Singapore were harsh with their words, asking Ang to go out to see the world more and stating that carparks in Singapore have had this design some 30 years ago.

The video even got to netizens from America, South Africa and more to comment, all stating that it is a very common design. One even said that the Netherlands had this parking design 90 years ago.

Meanwhile, Malaysian netizens also listed some of the buildings in the country that have the same design, such as W Hotel KL, AIA Capsquare (Jalan Munshi Abdullah, KL), Menara UOA Bangsar, Hilton Kota Kinabalu, Gurney Paragon Penang, Jaya One, Northam Hotel Penang, Wisma Goldhill (Jalan Raja Chulan, KL) and Tabung Haji Building, which the latter was built in the 1980s.

While the carpark is described as a “genius” design, some netizens were able to explain the downsides of having such a layout.

One netizen said the carpark layout would not be effective if it is always full and users would have to circle around towards the top of the building to find parking. Another netizen concurred on the reason, stating with tongue in cheek that users would not be able to find the empty spot after circling one round to head back to the spot.

Source: Sika Group

Source: ArchDaily

One Facebook user wrote the slanting carpark might sound like a smart idea but wait until users try to get out of the car and its door will hit the vehicle next to it, damaging the door as well as scratching the neighbouring vehicle.

Another contended that the helical parking lot actually takes up more space as he pointed out that the carpark Ang was at has a two-way lane while the conventional parking lots with ramps flow in one direction.

One said that the disadvantage of this design is that the elevators would not be connected to each floor directly, causing users to take pedestrian ramps when accessing. While another said not every building or carpark space is a shape of a cylinder that could have a spiral layout.

One Facebook user also said that such a design requires users to loop every level of parking in order to exit the building as there are no ramps to cut short the exit route.

Wow, netizens comments can be so insightful at times.

Following the video, Capri By Fraser thanked Aurizn Malaysia for its carpark review and reshared it on its Facebook page.

Ang also published the video on his YouTube channel where one fellow architect gave his two cents:

You can watch the YouTube video on the next page.

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