Cat Still Stops By At Dog Friend’s Yard Every Single Day Even After One Year of Passing

Dogs are men’s best friends, or so the saying goes. It seems like humans are not the only friends dogs could have as this cat in the United States has an undying bond with her canine friend.

Meet Baby Grey, an American Wirehair cat, that visits her late friend’s yard every single day even after one year of passing.

Source: Catster

According to The Dodo, Baby Grey has been visiting her late canine friend Gracie’s yard and standing at the sliding door, hoping to see her friend again. At there, she patiently waits about 20 minutes, sometimes even longer.

Gracie’s owner, Shea Belew Brennaman, a fourth-grade teacher in Alabama, first noticed the mysterious American Wirehair cat visiting her yard two and a half years ago.

“I think it lives two cul-de-sacs (dead-end streets) over from us and I don’t know its name,” Brennaman told The Dodo. She and her family decided to call the cat Baby Grey.

Source: The Dodo

The friendship began when Baby Grey climbed over Brennaman’s fence at her backyard where she met Gracie. As a guard dog that loved to befriend visitors, Gracie became friends with Baby Grey instead of scaring her off.

Brennaman said Gracie was an American Eskimo and loved outdoors very much. “She loved nature and, while she was a protector of our house, she loved all other animals and they loved her.”

The dog was also a friend to other animals like chipmunks, rabbits, and hawks too. She was an avid tail-wagger who always wanted to get to know new visitors. For that, Gracie immediately accepted Baby Grey as a friend.

Source: The Dodo

As time passed, Baby Grey’s visit became frequent and Gracie would always be a generous host to welcome her feline friend. The two created an unseparated bond.

“We would leave Gracie tomatoes on our porch, as they were her favourite treat, and she would share them with the cat,” said Brennaman.

Source: The Dodo

“When Baby Grey started coming over frequently the two of them shared tomatoes and sunbathed together,” she said, “sunbathing was their absolute favourite activity.”

The teacher was astounded with their friendship. Even so, Gracie still kept the family close with her and would do anything for the family. She even once saved Brennaman from a venomous snake, water moccasin, when she was only an 8-month-old puppy. Wow! Miss Brennaman, where did you find Gracie?

According to her owner, Gracie had a sweet and motherly personality especially to Brennaman’s york terrier. Unfortunately, in late October 2017, just after Gracie turned 12, Brennaman noticed Gracie’s body was deteriorating.

She took Gracie to the vet to run a number of tests and X-rays. It was found that Gracie had an aggressive lymphoma.

In her last few years, Gracie spent her remaining time on the cold porch. Brennaman said. “I think part of it gave her relief but, in reality, she was saying goodbye to her territory and to all of her friends in her yard.”

Gracie and a tomato beside her. Source: The Dodo

The American Wirehair came to visit Gracie on her last days, there was no tomato-munching but the two will just lay there to be together.

Gracie passed away in November 2017, less than a month after getting diagnosed with cancer. Gracie’s death fell hard for everyone. However, Baby Grey has been dealing with her grief in a special vigil way, to believe that the American Eskimo is never really gone.

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