Chap Goh Mei Tonight Will See The Biggest Moon That is 30% Brighter and 14% Bigger

After witnessing the blood moon last month, this last day of Chinese New Year will see a fairer-than-silk moon gracing through the night sky.

According to CNET, the February full moon is called Snow Moon and it will shine 30% brighter and 14% bigger. NASA revealed that the supermoon, perigee, will inch closer to earth by about 42,200km, orbiting our planet 363,300km away. To put into perspective, the moon’s farthest distance from earth, apogee, is about 405,500km.

Source: sbsun

As for the reason why it is called Snow Moon, the name was given by certain Native American tribes in the US a long time ago. The name is associated with snowfalls because it is the peak of the season. Other February moons in the past have been called Hunger Moon, Ice Moon and Storm Moon, to name a few.

The next time we can see a supermoon will have to wait until 2026, Forbes reported. TimeAndDate.com stated that the moon will give out its full beam by 11.53pm today (Feb 19).

Source: CNN

February can also be a month that sees no full moon at all, Express UK reported. It occurs once every 19 years and it is called Black Moon.

Blue Moon in August 2012. Source: earthsky

But with Black Moon comes the Blue Moons as the two-decade once phenomenon will usually see two full moons in both January and March, creating a double Blue Moon. Now we know the exact time required for “once in a blue moon” to come. 😂

For those who are in love, please plan for a romantic night since Chap Goh Mei is also considered as a Chinese Valentine’s Day. 

As for those with family tonight, get your Chinese tea and kuih kapit ready by the porch. peeps! Let’s end this Chinese New Year beamingly! 

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