Child Predator Seeks Victims From NGOs and Churches for 15 Years, Over 10 Victims Came Forward to Expose Him

A child grooming predator could be hunting for young girls in plain sight whether if it’s at volunteering events, churches or neighbourhood streets.

Recently, a veteran volunteer had been exposed as a child groomer after an NGO founder learned from a little girl that she was bothered by this man.

In a viral post, Kembara Kitchen founder William Cheah claimed that a man, with the initials TC, had been harassing Miss L (alias) after the 14-year-old girl showed Cheah messages TC sent her.

Source: Facebook

“What she told us shocked us. She said she felt very uncomfortable with him.

“She showed us the messages he had sent her and I can tell you that it’s not appropriate for an adult in his 30s to be sending those kinds of messages to a then 13-year-old girl. Especially someone you just met during a community service event,” wrote the NGO founder.

Cheah took the matter to a WhatsApp group discussion where regular volunteers were in. To his second surprise, 20-year-old volunteer Miss C told him that she was also once a victim to TC in 2017.

Source: Facebook

Cheah was horrified that such an individual was lurking in his foundation and disavowed that he had any association with TC, as he strived to create a safe environment for volunteers and guests.

“Yes, we cannot control the actions by some of our guests or volunteers, but never in my worst fears did I expect an adult veteran volunteer known in the activist community to behave in such manner, even to the inclusion of underage girls, Cheah said.

He urged any victim that had encountered a similar harassment from TC during his events to come forward.

The post published on Tuesday (Nov 6) had since gone viral with over 1,400 shares at the time of writing. Over at the comment section, FeedMe Malaysia had sighted over 10 instances where now adult victims had related their horrendous encounter with TC and that one dated as far back as 15 years ago!

Here are 13 accounts the young victims had shared on the post:

1. “blocked his FB and number”

Source: Facebook

2. “sometimes asking me for a paid photoshoot”

Source: Facebook

3. “kept trying to get her to invite him to her bedroom, touch her inappropriately…”

Source: Facebook

4. Lure victim with iPhone 5s in 2013

Source: Facebook

5. “been harassing my friend and I since we were 12!” – happened in 2010

Source: Facebook

6. “even get in contact with my parents so they can build a trust with him”

Source: Facebook

7. “made fake Christian account under his church name to harass my girlfriend and her friends…”

Source: Facebook

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