Watch this Chinese woman transform herself into various western celebrities using only make-up

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What if you could look exactly like your favourite celebrity with only the power of make-up?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or your Plastic Surgeons scalpel. At least that’s what most people will have to resort to in order to get good looks or even look a bit like their favourite celebrity. What if you could look like your favourite celeb, like say Taylor Swift, with only the power of makeup.

That sounds about right if you’re say, a caucasian with some fancy-ass make-up skills. If you’re Asian, you’re more likely to try to look like some Asian celebrity instead right? Wrong? 23-year old Wang Jiawen from China doesn’t seem to think so as you’ll see in her videos below.

The Chengdu, Sichuan native is a marvel with makeup. Having only picked-up the skills three years ago, she’s honed her craft to the pinnacle of perfection. How good? We’ve seen make-up demonstrations where you get the look and feel of a certain celebrity. Jiawen, on the other hand, took it a step further. She did herself up until she looks almost exactly like the celebrity she copied. And her videos are now a hit.

It all started when she decided to transform herself to look exactly like singer Katy Perry. Having seen the response she got in her video, she has since then been producing consistent “transformation” videos, aiming to transform herself into nine different celebrities each month. If she was just transforming into Asian celebrities it’d be one thing, but her uncanny ability to look exactly like western celebrities is the main thing that has kept her extremely popular.

Her videos are on the Chinese video site Sina Weibo and in them, she would make up half her face while putting a phone photo of the celebrity she’s transformed to side by side with her made-up face. So far she’s tackled Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Rihanna and Beyonce.

Now that’s some talent. Can you spot the difference?

Before and after: This Chinese girl’s makeup transformation will blow you away.

Before and after: This Chinese girl’s makeup transformation will blow you away. Wang Jiawen, a girl from Chengdu recently goes viral online because of her magical makeup skills.

Posted by PearVideo on 26hb Februari 2018

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