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In the Year of the Pig in 2019, the fortunes of the monkeys will be somewhat worse than last year as the monkeys will have a clash with “Tai Sui” this year. Because of the clash, the monkeys will experience more unexpected life turbulence and ups and downs − some are good, some are bad. It is advised that the monkeys be cautious. In terms of career, the monkeys are vulnerable to evildoers’ framing or stab in the back especially when working on pivotal tasks. In terms of wealth, it is not recommended to invest in any high-risk venture due to the influence of Tai Sui. In terms of love, although this year’s monkeys do not have a bad fortune on this aspect, there is a possibility of falling into a rotten relationship. As of health, the entry of lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing) will counter the negative effects of Tai Sui, thus it will be generally good. Let’s take a look at the detailed breakdown:


The monkeys’ careers will likely hit turbulence this year. The monkeys are likely to succeed in their careers but it is exactly that that will invite jealousy from evildoers around them. In some cases, the evildoers will stab the monkeys at the back. It is recommended that monkeys should pay attention to the people around them. They should not trust people in the workplace around them too much and expose their weaknesses to the evildoers. In addition, the monkeys should stay low-profile at work this year. As long as they do their complete the work well and do not be excessively arrogant, it will be fine. Otherwise, they will be harmed by unscrupulous people.


The monkeys’ love fortune this year is mediocre. Although the monkeys have a strong love blossom luck this year, the clash with Tai Sui gives way to the possibility of meeting a rotten blossom which may lead the monkeys into a fruitless relationship. The single monkeys are advised to cut off these people when the first sign hits so that they will not waste time for no reason. For the monkeys who are already in a relationship, they are also likely to meet a rotten blossom. It is recommended to keep a distance with the opposite sexes to avoid affecting their current relationship.


The wealth fortune for the monkeys is also not spectacular this year. As long as the monkeys do their work well, keep a low-profile and keep a distance away from people with intent to hurt them, they can still get a fair amount of earning. As for indirect wealth, it is not recommended for monkeys to make high-risk investments or else they will lose all the eggs in the basket.


Entering 2019, the monkeys are accompanied by lucky stars this year which is why their health will be great. It is recommended that the monkeys take advantage of this year’s good fortune to maintain good health so that their bodies can recover from diseases that hit them previously.

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