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For those born in 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017…

Entering 2019, the fortune of the chickens will undergo a thorough improvement. The chickens had a clash with “Tai Sui” last year and suffered a lot in all aspects of life. The year of the pig allows the chickens to finally get rid of the bad luck. Couple that with the blessing of lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing), they will have a smooth sailing year. In terms of career, chickens are likely to be promoted and rewarded by their superiors. In terms of wealth, the primary income will flourish, even the indirect wealth fortune is also relatively strong. In terms of love, the blessing of Ji Xing will rain love for the chickens and they will have a good relationship with their partners. In terms of health, the chickens have a good fortune this year. After suffering the clash with Tai Sui last year, the chickens can take advantage of good fortune to rest more. Let’s take a look at the detailed breakdown:


The career of the chickens this year will continue to grow. Thanks to the blessing of Ji Xing, it is likely for the chickens to meet nobles and receive their support. Especially for the working class, it is highly likely they will have a big breakthrough in their career this year and receive affirmation from the nobles. Their dream to get promoted and salary increment will come true. For the business people, it is easy to meet the potential business partners through nobles’ introduction. The new connection can bring good cooperation opportunities.


The love fortune for the chickens is great this year. Whether it is for the single chickens or those who are already in love, this is the harvest year of love for them. For single chickens, they will meet the fated one this year thanks to the positive influence of Ji Xing. If they put more effort and attention, they may be able to cultivate a good relationship. For the chickens who have already in a relationship, their relationship will get better. Although there will be some petty fights, they are all because of love. The chickens do not have to worry too much.


This is a good fortune for the chickens this year. Due to the success of their career, their primary income will be increased this year. In terms of indirect wealth, the chickens have improved a lot this year compared to last year, and they can appropriately carry out some more stable and reliable investments. In addition, the chickens may get some extra-profit channels this year because of the help of the nobles. It is recommended that the chickens grasp this opportunity with both hands and strive to develop it into a sideline that can generate a stable income.


The chickens have a good health fortune this year. Due to the influence of  Tai Sui last year, the chickens should ride on the good fortune to rejuvenate. Exercise more, pay attention to diet and work routine, and take regular physical examinations.

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