Chinese Zodiac Predictions in 2019 by Hong Kong Feng Sui Master Peter So


For those born in 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018…

Entering the Year of the Pig, the dogs will get rid of the interference of the bad fortune of its own Zodiac year in 2018. This year, their fortune will definitely improve. In terms of career, the dogs will no longer be disturbed evildoers and may also get support from the nobles. As of wealth, the dogs will certainly have an increase of fortune regardless if it from their primary income or indirect wealth source. In terms of love, it is good news for dogs because the love blossom is prosperous this year. In terms of health, dogs owners need to pay more attention because there is a bad luck star lurking around. Their health will not be ideal. Let’s take a look at the detailed breakdown:


The dogs’ career fortune is great. Due to the passing of the year of the Tai Sui, the evildoers around will not harass them much. This year, the dogs will get better in handling interpersonal matters. Therefore, the dogs can put their full attention on work this year, instead of needing to worry about evildoers lurking around them. The dogs are also very likely to be appreciated by the nobles and may have the possibility of receiving promotion or salary increment. For those who own a business, they will receive better opportunities this year and be able to expand their market.


In 2019, the dogs’ love fortune is relatively good, especially those who are single. Their love blossom fortune is strong. They will have more opportunities and occasions to meet excellent potential partners. The perfect lover’s traits of the dogs will be appreciated by their potential partners. If they seize it well, it could foster into a great relationship. For dogs are already in a relationship or married, this year’s relationship with lovers is relatively good. With the love blossom charm, it is easy for the opposite sex to love the dogs. It is recommended that the dogs should keep a distance from opposite sexes in order to better maintain the current relationship.


Thanks to the great career fortune, it will bring the prosperity of the dogs. In terms of indirect wealth, the dogs will also get a good earning this year. But on the premise is that the dogs should adopt a more stable investment strategy and should not invest in high-risk ventures to avoid losing money.


This year, the dogs will be affected by the “sickness” evil star. The dogs are likely to have weaker health. At times, there may be some minor illnesses and minor pains, but they do not have to worry too much. Just pay more attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and take regular body checkups, it is believed that they could still go through the year smoothly.

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