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For those born in 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019…

The pigs are entering their own Zodiac year in this 12 years cycle. Due to the clash with their own Zodiac year, the pigs will go through a certain fluctuation in fortune. In terms of careers, the pigs are likely to suffer setbacks this year and may be unable to step back up. They are advised to adjust their mentality. In terms of wealth, the pigs’ fortune on this is mediocre as there may be a risk of losing money. As of love, the pigs are likely to have troubles with their partners and there will be more quarrels. In terms of health, there could be some occasional minor illnesses but they do not have to worry too much as they are blessed with lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing) on this aspect. Let’s take a look at the detailed breakdown:


The career fortune for the pigs is bad this year. Their career will be affected as they are having a clash with their own Zodiac year. Whether it is interpersonal issues or the pigs’ own affairs, they will encounter certain setbacks. Coupled with the bad fortune this year, it is likely for the pigs to react poorly when facing a roadblock at work, thus further causing their careers to fall into a precarious position. It will create a vicious environment for the pigs. It is recommended that pigs should actively break themselves from the bad environment. They should face the problems in their work with the right attitude and focus their attention on how to solve these problems instead of caring about other people’s opinion on you. This mentality can bring them through the year in the long run.


The love fortune of the pigs is not spectacular this year. There may be more quarrels between the pigs and their partners, which may even come to the extent of inflicting personal attacks. It will put the relationship in jeopardy. The pigs should always remember how much both parties have committed into the relationship. They need to be more grateful and complain less. There is nothing that cannot be solved through communication and understanding.


The wealth fortune of the pigs is not great. Due to the impact of the birth year, the pigs need to be extra cautious as there is a risk of losing money. It is recommended that pigs need to pay more attention to the safety of their lives and property. In addition, the pigs should not be greedy or have take advantage of others when making money, otherwise, they could lose even their rightful shares.


The pigs will have a healthy year in 2019 as they are blessed with Ji Xing. Although the pigs will have occasional minor illnesses this year, they are not serious. As long as the pigs pay take better care of themselves, it is possible to reverse the unfavourable health fortune due to the clash of the birth year. In addition, it is recommended that pigs should pay special attention to travel safety this year. To avoid accidents, they should not look at their phones when crossing the road.

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