Chinese Zodiac Predictions in 2019 by Hong Kong Feng Sui Master Peter So


For those born in 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008…

Entering 2019, the fortune of the Rat is quite good. Since the Rats have a number of lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing) in the palace this year, they are more comfortable in the overall fortune. In terms of career, the Rats can get the help of the “Tianyi” nobles, able to gain good relationships with colleagues and meet the boss who will appreciate them. As for fortune, the money fortune this year has a certain degree of improvement compared to previous years. In terms of love, the Rats are likely to encounter their nobles this year that will introduce a good romantic partner to the Rats. In terms of health, although this year’s fortune has improved, it is still necessary for the rats to pay attention on their body. Rats are advised to exercise more and take better care of their body. Here is a breakdown of each specific aspect of the Rats’ life:


The career of the Rat is still quite good this year. Under the blessing of the “Tianyi” nobles, this year the Rats are very likely to meet benevolent individuals of high rank. The Rats will get help from people in the workplace and receive guidance from their colleagues. This is even more true − and lucky− for the rats who have just entered the workforce. This year, it is likely for the rats to meet new superiors or previous superiors who will appreciate them. Because of some events, the previous superiors have changed their attitudes towards the rats and become more appreciative and supportive. It is recommended that the rats to work hard this year. Put more effort into solving their superiors’ problems so that it will be easy for the rats to get a promotion and salary increase this year.


The love for the Rats in 2019 is good. Especially for those who are single right now, this year is easy to meet their own emotional nobles. They either lead the rats to get to know their own positive edges, or they will guide the rats in the emotional confusion period, teaching the rats the Dos and Don’ts. The Rats will make good progress in their relationship this year. For the rats that are already in a relationship,  the  the couple will be more considerate with one another this year, so the relationship will be taken to a new height.


Entering 2019, the fortune of the Rats is quite good. Rats can get good salary and bonuses. In terms of indirect wealth, this year, it is likely for the rat to meet benevolent individuals in high rank. They may provide a relatively good part-time job opportunity and can earn a good sideline income. However, the rats should pay more attention to their own expenses this year. The money that should not be spent thoughtlessly otherwise this year will be a year where the wealth will come easy and go easily.


This year’s health fortune has improved compared with previous years, but this year the rats still need to pay attention to their health. When going out, pay attention to the environment around. For women, avoid being alone outside at night to prevent any misfortunes.

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