Chinese Zodiac Predictions in 2019 by Hong Kong Feng Sui Master Peter So


For those born in 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009…

For Oxen entering 2019, this year’s fortune is relatively stable and there will not be too many ups and downs. In terms of career, the oxen should continue their dedication and complete their own work well in order to gain the appreciation of the leadership. In terms of wealth, they will have a good fortune this year and may get a substantial amount of saving. In terms of love, this year, the oxen and their partners have a smooth relationship, and there will not be too many ups and downs. In terms of health, it will be stable but they should not take the matter lightly. Attention should be paid to maintaining health. Here is a detailed breakdown:


In 2019, the career of the oxen is relatively stable in comparison to the past. This year, they should be conscientious in their job and silently complete the work with extra prudence. It may lead to being rewarded and recognized by their superiors. Their humble characteristic will build a good interpersonal relationship. This year, they are more stable and smooth in their interpersonal relationships, and they can get support from colleagues and subordinates. It is recommended that the oxen put in extra effort this year and do more additional work in order to lay a better foundation for future development.


In 2019, the love for the oxen will be relatively stable. This year, the oxen will not spend too much effort in maintaining the relationship. The single ones can get a good romantic partner through the introduction of their elder friends, and start a stable relationship without losing romantic aspects of it. If they can seize the opportunity with both hands this year, there could be good news by the end of the year. For those who are already in love or married, this year’s relationship will be stable, there is no big ups and downs. Since it will be stable, it is advised that they use the opportunity to repair the scars left earlier in the relationship so that the couple can build stronger love.


In 2019, the wealth luck of the oxen is good. As they steadily experience improvement in their careers this year, the oxen can get prosperous from their earnings. In terms of indirect fortune, the fortune of the oxen is normal in comparison to other zodiacs. It is not recommended for the oxes to invest in projects with higher risks. If there is extra money, they should choose a more stable savings method to achieve some gains. In addition, because they are prudent with their spending this year, they can get a lot of savings by year-end.


In 2019, the health of the oxen is relatively stable, but it should not be taken too lightly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should still be done. Eating on time, balancing work and rest well and keeping a good diet are all necessary to make your body better.

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