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For those born in 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010…

Entering the Year of the Pig in 2019, this year the tigers are facing a clash with “Tai Sui” (破太岁/Po Tai Sui). There is a saying that there is a certain fluctuation of troubles the Zodiacs that are having a clash with Tai Sui. In truth, the saying is not wrong. This year, the tigers are relatively unstable in terms of fortune and have some ups and downs. In terms of careers, due to the impact of the disaster, the tigers will make contradictory decisions and fall into a psychology loop, leading to a stagnant career. As a result, wealth will be affected by the tigers’ career and there will be some turmoil. In terms of love, monkey zodiac individuals will have bad luck with the opposite sex, thus affecting the tigers’ chance. In terms of health, the tigers need to pay more attention. This year, there may be old diseases resurface. Here is a detailed breakdown:


Entering 2019, the career progression of the tigers is average compared to others. Due to the clash with Tai Sui, the tiger people will face emotional turmoil when working. Their thinking will become bipolar, either they want to make a big name for themselves at work, or they can break apart in doing so and fall straight into the mud. The tigers need to learn how to control their own minds and handle their emotions, otherwise, they will lose their stability and fall into despair because of a small mishap. Most people lead an ordinary life. Learn to adjust their mentality, focus on one thing at a time, pay attention to how hard work is put in, and less on the results expected to get, so that the tigers can go forward in their careers one step at a time.


The tigers will have weak fate for love this year. Especially for the single tigers, this year’s fate is too difficult for the tiger to have a chance to meet their potential partner. On the other hand, it is not easy for the tigers to be on the same page if they are already in a relationship. Because of that, the tiger people will be in distress. It is recommended that the tigers should go with the flow and not to force on the fate. They should use their extra time on improving themselves to become a better person. By making themselves better is also a means of boosting the luck of finding love.


In terms of wealth, the tigers’ fortune luck is poor this year. Due to the adverse effects of their career, the tigers’ emotion will be unstable when facing difficulty or failure at work. It will lead to a lot of work being unable to complete efficiently, thus affecting their salary and bonuses. In terms of indirect income, it is not recommended for the tigers to invest carelessly because they have a clash with Tai Sui this year. Instead, they should put more thoughts on improving your career in order to get a good income.


In 2019, the health fortune for the tiger is weak. There is a possibility for old diseases to resurface. It is recommended that the tigers should rest more and take regular body examination.

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