Chinese Zodiac Predictions in 2019 by Hong Kong Feng Sui Master Peter So


For those born in 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011…

Entering the Year of the Pig in 2019, the fortune of the rabbit is quite good because the earth element pig year has a certain positive effect for those in Rabbit zodiac. In terms of career, the rabbits will open up new windows this year, become more engaged and focused in their careers, and have better opportunities to work on their ambitions. In terms of wealth, due to the good fortune in their career, the rabbits do not have to worry too much about their income this year. In terms of love, the rabbits will receive a blessing by nobles this year, thus the love fortune is fairly good. They can spend a year filled with love and comfort. In terms of health, as the rabbits are attacked by a “disease star” this year, there will be a short period of trying time. The rabbits should pay attention to that. Here is a detailed breakdown:


The career of the rabbits is still relatively good this year. They will become more ambitious and determined in their careers. With the good career fortune, the rabbits are less likely to give up when they encounter difficulties at work. Therefore, the rabbits are more likely to have achievements in their careers this year. Those who work for others, they are likely to achieve a mutual understanding with the company’s management, thus being recognized by their superiors. While those who have their own businesses, the rabbits can quickly grasp the market dynamics this year, and strive to optimize their products and business structure to keep up with the market. Their business will become more prosperous.


The rabbits’ love life will be smooth this year. Those who are single can meet a favourable partner and develop it into a good relationship. The rabbits who are already in love will make good progress with their partners this year. There will be more interactions between the two people, which will build a stronger mutual connection with one another and deepen the feelings between the two.


The wealth of the rabbit will be spectacular this year. With the positive influence of the career fortune, the rabbits’ personal finance will take a steep hike. In terms of indirect wealth, it is not recommended for rabbits to try venturing into risky investments. However, the rabbits will have a better chance to make some extra income this year by working for a second job.


The health fortune of the rabbits is not astounding. Due to the interference of the “disease star” this year, the rabbits need to pay more attention to their physical illnesses by going to regular medical checkups just in case. For those lifestyles that are prone to develop diseases, the rabbits should also try quit them or else they would gravely regret.

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