Chinese Zodiac Predictions in 2019 by Hong Kong Feng Sui Master Peter So


For those born in 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012…

Walking into the year of the pig, the dragons will have a lot of growth in all aspects of their life this year because they have got rid of the bad luck in the year of the dog as the dragons had a clash with Tai Sui. In terms of career, the dragons can put in maximum effort, no longer need to be timid like last year who required them to be overly cautious. So it is easy to make great progress in the work this year. In terms of wealth, the dragons’ career progression will help to accumulate great wealth this year. In terms of love, the dragons love fortune is blooming, but there is a possibility of meeting a rotten blossom. In terms of health, the dragons will be bestowed with blessings from the lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing), thus their health will be ideal. Here is a detailed breakdown:


This year, the dragons’ career advancement is relatively strong. Under the good influence of career luck as well as the blessing of from the “career palace” Ji Xing, the dragons work morale will be a through-the-roof one and the energy is able to build a strong career foundation for future. Working-class dragons will be able to effectively handle the daily affairs of their work this year, and they will also make some research into the management of the company and prepare themselves for future promotion. The business owner dragons will realize the shortcomings of their company’s operation this year, and make a comprehensive reform and consolidation in some of the company’s cancer-causing systems.


The Dragons love fortune is strong in 2019. For the single dragons, their love luck is prosperous. There will be many opportunities to get to know the potential partners and many of them will make effort to get close to the dragons. However, the dragons need to be wary of the possibility of rotten love blossoms because there are just too many. The dragons should pick their love with care or else they would fall into a sticky relationship that is hard to get out. The dragons must have their eyes wide open and carefully observe their potential partners when choosing. Don’t be blinded by the overwhelming love fortune and miss the true soulmates.


The dragons’ wealth will get better in the year of the pig. Since the dragons will be affected by Ji Xing’s career blessing, they will achieve relatively good results in their career. Their income from work or business will not be bad. In terms of indirect wealth, the dragons need to be more cautious as this fortune path is not stable. The dragons need to be cautious when investing.


The dragons’ health will be good. As long as they treat their body with care and go to regular medical checkups, there is not much to be worried. However, it is recommended that the dragons pay attention to road safety when they travel this year to avoid accidents.

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