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This year, the snakes have a clash with a clash with “Tai Sui” (冲太岁/Chong Tai Sui). It is expected that the snakes will face certain turbulence and ups and downs this year. In terms of career, due to the interference of Tai Sui, the snakes are likely to have conflicts with colleagues in the workplace, thus affecting their work enthusiasm. In terms of wealth, the snakes are expected to lose some money. It is recommended that the snakes be wary of their finance. In terms of love, the snakes are relatively good at this, especially for those who are single. They are blessed with a great romantic fortune. In terms of health, this year, snakes need to pay attention to road safety to prevent accidents. Here is a detailed breakdown:


The career fortune of the snakes is bad. This year, the snakes will contradict with their superiors and colleagues, thus it is likely to have conflicts with them. It is also predicted that the snakes may encounter unfair treatment from colleagues and leaders. It is recommended that the snakes should keep their temper in control this year. Working as a professional, they need to be rational at all time. Everything can be resolved over a calm discussion. Do not let their wrath take the wheel and offend their bosses and colleagues in the process. It is tantamount to putting yourself on fire.


With the blessing of the lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing), the snakes will have an excellent love blossom this year. Single snakes will meet many potential partners. As long as they treat the person seriously and do not pursue after multiple sweethearts at the same time, there is still a great possibility to meet their soulmate. For the snakes who are already in loved, the role of Ji Xing can also make the relationship between the two more affectionate. They should work harder to improve their relationship by putting effort to set up romantic dates in order to consolidate the relationship.


The snakes’ wealth fortune would not be spectacular this year. As long as the snakes keep their temper in control, they can get a relatively stable income. However, the snake people will definitely have a struggle in managing their finance and expenditure. It is recommended that the snake should pay more attention to it, particularly when it comes to large-scale loans or investment. They should not let suspicious individuals get close to their finance and lay a trap or else the lost money can never be taken back.


The health fortune of the snakes is comparatively decent. In addition to the need for attention on diseases, the snakes also require to cautious when travelling. For those snakes who drive, they must obey the traffic rules and concentrate when behind the wheels in order to prevent accidents.

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