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Entering the Year of the Pig in 2019, the horses’ fortune is in a turmoil. In terms of careers, the horses are susceptible to the forces of ill-omen. They are likely to be a fallen victim of gossips. In terms of wealth, the horses will also be affected by the evil force and their finance will be unstable. In terms of love, the horses have a good fortune this year thanks to the help of the “Tiande” (天德) nobles. In terms of health, the horses need to pay attention this year as they may be affected by minor illnesses and injuries. Here is a detailed breakdown:


The horses will be struck by a “disaster” evil star this year. The horses are likely to be caught in a dispute or misunderstanding caused by gossip, thus being criticized. The horses, therefore, may feel restless and wanting to quit the job. It is recommended that the horses should pay more attention to this aspect when in the workplace this year. They should not open their hearts too much nor disclose their own private matters to their colleagues or superiors. Or else it would be used against the horses and ultimately affecting their career.


This year, the love fortune for the horses is better because of the influence of the “Tiande” nobles. For the single horses, they should grasp the opportunity with both hands. They can get attractions from their crush and solidify their fate from it. For the horses who are already in love or married, the blessings of the nobles will help the horses can get along with their partners lovingly. Some of the past arguments and disagreements will reach a reconciliation provided with an explanation, making the relationship even more affectionate.


The wealth fortune of the horses is relatively unstable in 2019. As the horses are likely to be a victim of gossips, it may cause the horses to retreat to a certain extent in their working environment. The thinking of leaving the job will affect their stable income. As long as the horses pay close attention to this aspect of the issue this year − do not put themselves in a precarious position that invites gossiping − the fortune is still relatively stable. In terms of indirect wealth, the horses should not invest blindly this year. They should not evade their career and shift their focus to sideline project or part-time job. It is recommended that the horses should solve their problems in their workplace first which will lead to generating a stable income. The indirect wealth will come flourishing naturally when the main income is stable.


In 2019, the health fortune of the horses is not ideal. There may be some minor illnesses and minor injury befallen on them. It is recommended that the horses should regularly have their body checked and commit into the treatment. In addition, the horses should participate fewer funerals this year in order to avoid being contaminated with bad omens that could affect their health.

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