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Entering the Year of the Pig in 2019, the fortune of the goats will not see a drastic improvement in comparison to last year. The goats had a clash with “Tai Sui” in the year of the dog, thus their lives must have faced a certain degree of turbulence. Although they have gotten rid of the interference of the Tai Sui this year, their life palace will be visited by “depletion” and “evil twist” stars. Therefore, the fortune has not increased significantly compared with last year. In terms of career, they will be struck with ill-omens. It certainly will create interpersonal problems. In the area of wealth, the goats are expected to lose some money. They are advised to be more cautious. In terms of love, they will suffer from the withering peach blossoms (love fortune). More efforts are needed in order to get into a loving relationship. In terms of health, it will be okay thanks to the blessing of lucky stars (吉星/Ji Xing). But that does not mean they can disregard a healthy lifestyle. Here is a detailed breakdown:


The fate of the goats in this year is quite rough. Due to the effect of the “evil twist” star, they are prone to certain interpersonal problems during work this year which will invite obstacles to their development. It is suggested that they should try to maintain a good interpersonal relationship and should not waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem. Otherwise, they will be vulnerable to interpersonal threats. As long as they avoid being caught in a dispute with others, they still have a great chance of making some achievements in their career.


In 2019, the love fortune for the goats is just passable. Their love life will not blossom, the blossom may even wither. This may not be good news for goats who want to leave the single trap, because it means that they need to work harder to get the recognition of their crush. For those who are already in a relationship, their love life with their partner is relatively dull. There will not be any big ups and downs. But do not take this as a good sign; it is recommended that they should cherish this period of time.


The wealth fortune of the goats are not spectacular. In terms of primary income, they can still get a good earning as long as they avoid stepping on bombs in the minefields of interpersonal relationships. As for indirect wealth, the fortune will continue to suffer a slump, so any investment needs to be cautious. In addition, they have the risk of overspending. It is recommended that they plan their financial expenditure thoroughly this year. The plan cannot be made hurriedly with temper, otherwise, there will not be any savings left at the end of the year.


In 2019, the health of the goats is relatively good. This year, they can enjoy good health as it is part of their fate. However, they should also cherish this fortune by practising a balanced diet and work-life routine. Go to regular medical checkups in order to maintain this good fortune throughout 2019.

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