Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Using Fake “Cambridge Degree”, Now People Want Him Fired

Source: Bersatu

Meanwhile, FMT reported according to a close source in PPBM that the controversy surrounding Marzuki’s tertiary qualification is a political attack.

The source said the attack is backed by some media organisations in an attempt to “character-assassinate him over a non-issue”.

“The attack will be stepped up in the coming days with more dedicated reports calling for Marzuki’s resignation. Never mind the fact that he had never claimed to be a University of Cambridge degree holder,” the source told FMT.

“If anything Marzuki is ‘guilty’ of, it is for acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge and not for an accredited degree.”

The source added that Marzuki is a natural target as the latter is a senator, deputy minister and party secretary-general − “all plum positions”.

“It is hardly surprising in today’s political scene,” he commented on the attack.

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