Doctors Remove 10cm Live Worm from Brain of Man Who Eats Raw Meat

He elaborated that once the worm inhabited the body, it would reproduce and damage brain function, causing symptoms such as headache, nausea, bleeding of the blood vessels, and epilepsy.

It’s reported that such cases weren’t unheard of in China. Most notably, a 25cm worm was extracted out of a 12-year-old girl after she suddenly passed out and remained unconscious for half an hour. Happened last year, the doctors in a Guangdong hospital believed that the worm had lived inside the girl’s body since she was at least 6.

Another shocking case in May saw a 30cm worm pulled out from the brain of a 55-year-old man from Jiangxi’s Jishui county. Both cases were believed to result from drinking untreated water whom they usually consumed.

Source: SCMP

As for this case in March, the woman found to have a worm inside her right breast after she ate five live frogs half a decade ago. One to top it all was the case from the United States where a 1.6-metre tapeworm was removed from a man’s anus by himself. He kept pulling and pulling, it almost never ended. Straits Times reported that the man had a love for salmon sashimi which explained his condition.

Source: Straits Times


Source: cookpad

So guys, there you have it! Make sure your otak-otak, satay, and ikan bakar are all fully cooked before you consume. As for the sushi lovers, do eat with care.

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