Dr M Tells Muslims to Focus on Real World Success, Not Just Afterlife

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad told Malaysian Muslims today (Aug 30) that it’s equally important to succeed in worldly affairs rather than just in the afterlife, Malay Mail reported.

Speaking during the launch of Malaysia Islamic Welfare Organisation (Perkim) International Da’wah Institute, who he also acts as its president, Dr Mahathir said that the pursuit of ‘dakwah’ (evangelism) shouldn’t be a “hindrance or obstruction” to the success of the community.

“We must show that Muslims are not only successful in the ‘akhirat’ (afterlife) but in this world as well. We must be the people who are recognised as successful in the field of knowledge, management and etcetera.

“We must (also) show that we can govern ourselves, that we are successful and knowledgeable, however sadly this is not happening,’’ said the 93-year-old premier dressed in a suit and tie.

Source: Sojourners

Dr Mahathir said the Muslim world is tainted by wars, economic uncertainty, lack of access to education and security; the image of Islam is tarnished by the Muslims who fail to uphold the fundamental of the religion.

“Although we (Muslims) are brothers, we are not behaving like brothers. We fight with each other even killing each other. Islam advocates fairness and justice but that is also not being practice by us in Malaysia and even in other parts of the world.

“Because of such wrongdoings, Islam has gotten a bad image. When others see Muslims in such a state, they would not think Islam is a good religion, in fact, they would run away from it.”

Dr Mahathir’s remark complemented with PAS candidate for the Seri Setia by-election Dr Halimah Ali’s statement who said the Islamic party is pushing for a balance between worldly success as well as religious development. The premier reminded that the destiny of Muslims is in their own hand, saying that “Allah will only help you if you help yourself.”

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