Durex S’pore Offers Ma La Hot Pot Flavoured Condom to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Do you want a hot sex that makes you sweat all over and wanting for more? Durex Singapore has the recipe to spice up your sex life with your partner this April 1.

Taking to its Facebook today at 12.01am, the condom company revealed its latest contraceptive innovation: Mala Hot Pot flavoured rubber that is said to have the texture of fish skin. What kind of fishtish is this?

“Spice things up & experience the taste of the NEW Fish Skin Condom with Mala Hot Pot flavour. Packed with handpicked ingredients for your tasteful experience! Let ’em pleasure your mouth…,” Durex Singapore wrote with an attached link for netizens to buy its newest product.

Excited, netizens quickly clicked into the site only to find out that it was a tasteful April Fools prank!

Why is it tasteful? It is because Durex Singapore is giving away The Golden Duck vouchers.

TGD is the company behind the famous Salted Egg Fish Skin chips. The first 500 shoppers who purchase any Durex products online will receive the TGD vouchers.

Meanwhile on Facebook, netizens have taken the joke lightheartedly with many making strange suggestions.

“Not salted egg yolk? 😢” a salty netizen lamented as he preferred his penis to taste savoury rather than numbingly spicy.

“Why not Lui Cha flavour? 😆” another suggested the minty Southern Chinese tea-based gruel.

Not a good idea. Have you ever accidentally dripped some toothpaste on your private part? It hurts!

The post has been reshared over 7,000 times at publishing time. Some netizens are concerned about the safety behind the condom laced with spicy ingredients.

“Wait to burn the (vagina) ah? Have you tried cutting chilli padi then go to the toilet?” one male Facebook user wrote, suggesting that spice stains on the finger could cause tremendous pain when in contact with genitalia.

Source: Daily Mail

“After using this product should need to medical support?” another questioned in jest.

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