Durian Smell Mistaken as Gas Leak Caused Another Australian Uni to Evacuate 500 Students Again

It seems like Australian students need to get familiarized with the smell of durian so that they would not be caught in a false alarm again.

After it happened to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) university last year, this time, the durian caused havoc to a library in the University of Canberra on Friday (May 10), CNA reported.

About 550 students and staffs were evacuated from the building after it was found that a strong smell of gas circulated around the library at about 2.30pm (or 12.30pm Malaysian time).

Firefighters rushed to the scene and spent an hour to comb through the building.

Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency found the source of the smell and University of Canberra Library revealed in a Facebook post that the lingering gas-like smell came from “a durian fruit in one of our bins.”

For illustration only. Source: Hitz

University of Canberra Library. Source: Facebook

HAZMAT crews also conducted atmospheric monitoring to ensure the area was safe. The library was reopened shortly after, causing laughter across all board on its Facebook page.

Many Australians poured their love for durians in the comment section.

“Tastes like heaven. Smells like hell! In Singapore, they have don’t eat durian on the train signs!” one student commented, while another concurred and said, “Lol… The smell is terrible but it is nice to eat.”

Another added, “I’m so happy someone left it in the bin! hahahah but yummm I LOVE DURIANSSS.”

University of Canberra Library. Source: Facebook

The library revealed in a comment that the durian was left in a bin near to an air vent on level B, describing with tongue in cheek that it was “a very sneaky” move.

In another comment, the library said, “We allow food and covered drinks on all floors now, but hot food is only allowed on level B … That said, it’s not appropriate student conduct if they did it on purpose, and lack of common sense if they didn’t.”

Source: CNA

In April last year, RMIT also evacuated 500 students out of its library because of a peculiar gas smell. The incident garnered international attention, even BBC reported about it. FeedMe Malaysia also covered the incident here.

It turns out that someone left a rotting durian in a cupboard. The firefighters said the smell had moved through the building via the air conditioning system.

Pretty much the same incidents in both libraries.

University of Canberra Library changed its Facebook profile picture temporarily into a sign that showed durians were prohibited, to which a Canberra netizen commented that, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

You can view University of Canberra Library’s Facebook post on the next page.

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