Edi Rejang Admits Mistake For Berating Beer Promoter, Apologizes in DAP Press Conference

After the man had gone viral for berating a beer promoter girl in Giant Hypermarket, Ampang Point, Edi Rajang deactivated his social media profiles and went into hiding.

In just one day of netizens’ massive reproval, Edi had emerged on Tuesday night (Nov 22) to apologize for his action. In a 45-second video donned in a striped-polo, Edi appeared weary as he said he was sorry to the whole of Malaysia.

“I, Edi Rejang, would like to publicly apologize to all Malaysians, especially to the female promoter.

“I admit my mistake and I deeply regret my actions towards the promoter. I hope this issue will not be dragged on further by any party, as I have met with DAP MP Lim Lip Eng and also apologized to him.

“Lim has also told me that he will arrange a meeting with the promoter soon. Thank you,” said Edi as he was seen reading from a note.

In a separate video published on Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng’s Facebook page hours ago (Nov 21), Edi was sitting beside Lim in a press conference and reiterated his apology in all sincereness.

“That spot was non-Halal, yet I pull myself to that area to reprimand the lady with harsh words.

“I ask for your forgiveness. I am sorry to the whole of Malaysia. I am regretful of my action and would never do that again,” he said, donned in another piece of striped-polo.

When asked by Lim on what led him to the alley to reprimand the promoter, Edi said he was shopping for groceries and suddenly saw the promoter was giving out beer samples.

He said the area was cramped and had some crowd there but he admitted that it was a non-Halal zone. He said his anger boiled up at the moment and the harsh words spurted out of his mouth.

Edi also denied that he is against any political party or a racist as he sent his daughter to a Chinese school. He said if given the chance, he would say sorry to the beer promoter face to face.

“This is my mistake. I shouldn’t have said those things to a woman.

“As a man, I shouldn’t have done that. She’s a woman, seorang yang lemah (a weak person) and a dignified man wouldn’t have done that,” Edi pleaded as he said he’s sorry repeatedly to the camera.

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