Edi Rejang Didn’t Show Up at Police Station Despite Promising He Would With DAP Lawyer’s Help

The man that berated a beer promoter in a non-Halal section of a supermarket and brazenly uploaded his confrontation online has sparked an outrage from Malaysians.

A day after the video went ballistic on social media, the man with the display name Edi Rejang made a public apology to all Malaysians, especially towards the berated victim, as he admitted his mistake. He was also seen in a DAP press conference along with Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng as the former went to him for assistance.

He told the media he was grievously sorry for his action and explained that he wasn’t a racist since he sends his daughter to a Chinese school and has fellow Chinese friends. To that, Lim said he would assist Edi with DAP lawyer when the police record Edi’s statement in Ampang Jaya police headquarters.

However, it looks like the remorseful Edi has a change of mind. According to reports hours ago, Mohamad Edi Mohamad Rias (his full name) had failed to show up at the police station today (Nov 22).

When contacted by Malay Mail, Lim said Edi had been unreachable since yesterday, which is the day of the press conference.

It was reported that Edi looked for the Kepong MP’s help since he was fired from his despatch rider job. Lim said his office received about 10 job offers from well-wishers to the broken man who wanted to help.

“If he does not want to help himself how does he expect people to help him?”

“Some of them have approached my office and left comments on my Facebook page stating they were willing to offer Mohamad Edi a job or assist him financially,” said Lim.

Source: Malay Mail

DAP volunteer lawyer K.A. Ramu told NST in front of the police station that he was tasked to help Edi today but the bully had failed to show up.

“When I arrived at the Ampang Jaya district police headquarters, I was told by the investigating officer that the man did not turn up to give his statement.

“I tried to call him but could not get him, in fact, Lim had also tried to contact the man but could not get through since morning,” he said.

Ramu revealed that Edi had given his statement to the police yesterday without informing anyone.

Did Edi not believe in DAP’s help or what…? It sure is puzzling. But it’s worth to note that it was Lim that lodged a police report against the man. 

Malaysians have started to show sympathy as Edi was brave to own up for his mistake. But his recent move really put him back in this recovering narrative. 

What are your thoughts on this development? Let us know in the comments below. 

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