Ex-Intern Says Awful Audit Culture Drove Her Friend To Death Due to Overworking

Hoo’s words had hit hard on many netizens and her post had attracted over 2,500 shares in less than one day. Here’s the latest post Hoo updated where she urged netizens not to conform to the unhealthy working culture that persisted for many years.

Recently, Malaysia had started to see a trend of oppressed employees calling out their employers online or through the media discreetly. Housemen had exposed the malignant work culture in hospitals where some senior doctors run the department with an iron fist, shaming and sexually harassing the young doctors to the point where many of them developed suicidal thoughts.

FeedMe Malaysia covered the story by The Star where a specialist doctor had abused his position to sexually assault housemen. We also covered another young doctor who recently quit her job after she had been put through a series of unimaginable working environments.

You can read the stories here and here.

What are your thoughts on the overworking culture that is prevalent in some industries in Malaysia? Are you a victim as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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