Ex-Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo Declares War Over Misreport on Molestation of His Own Kids

Malaysians woke up in horror last Saturday morning (May 25) after reading the front page of the widest circulated newspaper. In the exclusive front-page story by The Star, the daily reportedly alleged that a former telco CEO molested his own children since 2015 and had recently trespassed to his ex-wife’s home after issuing a death threat.

The report is described as “one-sided” by the ex-CEO himself which it is mainly based on the point of view of the ex-wife, a video, several police and court reports.

Source: mystar

The 814-worded story graphically recounted, based on the children’s and the mother’s words, that the former CEO:

“…came to her bed and laid down beside her, then put his penis into her hand,” and,

“he (the son) had been forced to sleep in the nude beside his father.”

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The report did not name Jason Lo as the former CEO that allegedly molested his children.

Various police reports lodged by the mother have pointed towards the former CEO molesting their children, which some had been classified as NFA (No Further Action) by the deputy public prosecutors (DPPs) due to the lack of evidence.

Additionally, the mother brought her two daughters − eight-years-old and ten-years-old then − to a licensed counsellor in 2015. The counsellor, Wong Kah Peng, recorded the session and filed an oath to the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court that the ten-year-old daughter told him that her dad had put his penis on her hand.

In the video, the daughter said she was woken up by the act and told her father that it made her uncomfortable. But, the father told her to keep it a secret between them. She also admitted that the act might be an accident.

Wong, in his affidavit to the court, said that he was bounded by law to report any immoral activities done to children and he was ready to fight for the children.

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In a recent case, the former CEO trespassed to his ex-wife house after giving death threats to her the day before. He was arrested at the Hulu Kelang police station last Thursday (May 23) and was remanded for four days after paying bail on that Sunday (May 26).

Other wicked acts that this former CEO allegedly did were lodged in police reports where one worth noting was filed in September 2015. The younger daughter was brought to University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for a medical check-up after complaining to her nurse in her international school that she was having abdominal pain and nausea.

At that hospital, the medical staffs there told the mother to lodge a police report as they suspected that her daughter was molested by an “unknown person.”

In a 2017 police report, the mother said the children had told her that the father molested them at various locations, including at home.

Source: The Star

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) confirmed to The Star that the NGO is currently providing services to the mother. The daily also learned that two girls are living with the father now while the boy is with the mother.

The father’s side of the story

Jason Lo, Tune Talk CEO from 2007 to 2017. Source: TheTrueNet

The Star reached out to the “person of interest” Jason Lo, the former CEO of Tune Talk, but Lo failed to respond prior to the press time. But yesterday at 7.50pm, Lo had written a 4,033-worded Facebook post to discredit The Star‘s report, chiding the newspaper for “false reporting, omitting key facts, (and) writing fiction.”

The five-time lenghtier post slovenly outlined 15 facts that The Star reported falsely, straight up calling the news organization “fake news” and its attempt to stir the story to sell more newspaper.

The Star’s journalist contacting Jason Lo to get his response. Source: Facebook | Jason Lo

Lo said if the allegations were true, why there were not any arrests made. He questioned if the quantity of police reports made by his ex-wife could somehow conjure up a solid proof against him. He asked if the courts, police or child welfare services have all failed their roles.

Refuting from points to points, Lo said the “licensed counsellor” Wong is a person who authored a book called “Our Present Day Universe Is like a Japanese Porn Star”. Lo cast his distrust on this counsellor and was glad that he never partook any programmes his ex-wife wanted to explore with Wong.

Lo also said Wong suddenly became qualified and “licensed” to check for sexual abuse once their divorce proceeding began.

In Lo’s side of the story, he said his ex-wife had brainwashed their children to say whatever she wanted the children to say.

“My kids have been subjected to brainwashing, put in a chair and told repeatedly ‘Daddy is a bad man, he touched you…etc,'” Lo wrote.

“Did you (The Star) for once ever stop to consider the brainwashing or manipulation of a child?

“I have a video where my child is clearly factually manipulated to say words put in her mouth,” Lo, who is also a former singer, claimed.

On the video where it heard his daughter saying “penis…something…my hand…,” Lo said the word “penis” was not used in their household and asked in court that where did his daughter learn the word from. Here is a short excerpt of Lo’s rebuttal.

“In it I recall hearing the mother saying: ‘ok, tell us just like you did last night…go on…’ My daughter was not looking comfortable and mumbled something along the lines of ‘Well, daddy, me, sis and bro, in bed on holiday in Penang..’

Mother: ‘Yes, and then…was Daddy naked?’

Daughter: ‘He was wearing a shirt…then..I ..think his Penis…something.. my hand..’

I said STOP! We stopped the ‘video’, I turned to my ex when I saw this in the court and said: ‘We DO NOT use the word ‘PENIS’ in our household! Where did she learn this word from?’

This claim is evil. I do not know of the event and am pretty sure I don’t ‘sleep-molest’ either.”

Lo continued to prove that The Star omitted many facts out of the story. About his arrest for trespassing, Lo said he was merely following his Investigating Officer’s (IO) advice and “covering report from the police”. He said his son was supposed to be there for a one-night sleepover and did not attend school the next day.

The discharge summary from UMMC. Source: Facebook | Jason Lo

As for the hospital incident, he said that his daughter merely suffered from urinary tract infection in the end. But the drama stirred up before the diagnosis had already caused psychological damage to his then eight-year-old daughter.

All and all, he said that the news organization has ruined his family’s life and said that his children are now at the age that does know how to read a front page story. He is infuriated by the trauma done to his kids due to the news report.

He stated his intention to sue the news organization numerous times in his tell-all post.

One of the journalists who wrote the piece. Source: Facebook | Jason Lo

“Your editor, legal team, Directors of your board, your CEO, Shareholders and any affiliates and bloggers who propagate your absolute disgrace to the profession of Journalism will each answer according to the Laws of our country, with a severity the likes of which I will dedicate my attention to change Journalism so that no one else will ever have to endure such horrifying attacks with intent to destroy innocent lives ever again,” Lo wrote.

“My son is only 9 years old, and I have not seen or spoken to him or held him or played fortnight with him or laughed with him for over 7 months. His sisters miss him and we love him. I will not fail my kids.”

You can read Lo’s full post on the next page.

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