Father Died From Anger After Finding Out Son Did Not Do His Homework

We can never imagine the pain that this household is going through over this incident.

According to China Pressa father surnamed Qiu passed away on Thursday (Jun 6) after finding out his son did not do his homework.

Source: China Press

Happened in Miaoli County, Taiwan, the 47-year-old father reprimanded his highschooler son for not keeping up with the studies and tragically lost his life amidst the scolding.

The police revealed that Qiu returned home that afternoon and received a complaint from his son’s teacher. The teacher told Qiu that his son did not complete his homework and it got Qiu worked up.

When the son came back at 5pm, he reprimanded his son in the living room, CTS reported the police as saying.

During the disciplinary action, the father got overly agitated and fainted. He knocked his head on a table before falling flat on the floor.

Source: CTS

Panicked, his wife called the ambulance. The medical team tried to rush Qiu to the hospital but he was declared dead at 6.30pm.

It is learned that Qiu suffered from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and often went for kidney dialysis.

The police suspected Qiu got too angry which raised his blood pressure and difficulty of breathing. The wife saw Qiu’s face turned pail during the castigation and he had to use both hands to support himself on a table before falling.

Source: CTS

The autopsy revealed that Qiu had a 2cm cut below his right eye and some bruise mark on his left hand. There were no other significant injuries, thus the case is not classified as domestic violence or homicide.

The police also revealed that Qiu suffered from a heart attack last year but was successfully saved from death.

Qiu was married to a Vietnamese wife and together, they had one son. The child is currently studying in a high school.

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