Father Joked About His Next Accident Will Kill Him And It Did, Bringing Along with His Son

Two tanker drivers were killed when an on-coming trailer crashed charged towards them in Perak.

According to Utusan Online, the freak incident took place at the KM379.8, North-South Expressway on Monday (Mar 25). The victims, 58-year-old Abu Bakar Ahmad and his son, 26-year-old Mohamad Khirulafifi, died at 7.39 pm at Tanjung Malim.

Source: Utusan

Both victims drove two tankers carrying raw rubber while the trailer was an empty shipping carrier from China Shipping. The 29-year-old trailer driver was injured.

Muallim police chief Superintendent, Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof said the accident happened when Abu Bakar was helping his son to repair the damaged tanker at the side of the expressway.

Before the killing the son, the trailer first crashed towards the tanker’s rear which was driven by the son.

“Investigation showed that 26-year-old deceased’s tanker was having some damage, his father who drove the (another) tanker, stopped at front of his son’s truck and helped him.

“However, while fixing the truck’s problem, the trailer crashed the father-and-son duo before hitting the guardrails”, said Wan Kamarul.

A spokesman from the State Fire and Rescue Department said Slim River’s firefighters were assisted with Tanjung Malim firefighters at the scene, right after receiving an emergency call at 7.18pm.

“No victims were stuck, and the injured driver was given preliminary treatment before he was sent to the hospital by an ambulance.

“Two of the victims’ bodies were given to the police for further action”, said the spokesman.

Videos of the aftermath were shared on Facebook, where three of the involved vehicles were badly damaged.

 Khirul, who lost his father and brother. Source: Utusan

Utusan Online spoke with the victim’s third child, 25-year-old Mohamad Khirul Azran. He told the Malay daily that his father used to always joke: “After another accident, I would be dead.”

His father once escaped unharmed after involving in two accidents around five years ago.

Khirul said he did not find the joke funny as his father was constantly repeating the same joke about his death along with the truck.

“My father had two accidents before but he was not injured.

“But the truck’s frontal he drove was badly damaged. That’s why he will always joke, that next accident, he will be gone.

“I get used to it every time he talks about this, driving with the lorry and died with the lorry. He even once said, ‘if we don’t go and stumble people, others will do'”, he said in the Forensic Unit at Slim River Hospital on Tuesday (Mar 26).

Khirul added that his late father and brother were driving home from Baling, Kedah when the accident happened.

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