Fireman Muhammad Adib Wasn’t Beaten Up By Rioters But Hit by Colleagues Who Reversed Fire Engine, Claims Temple Taskforce

The whole Malaysia is concerned about firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim’s condition as the media has quoted Fire and Rescue Department Director-General Datuk Mohamad Hamdan Wahid as saying that Muhammad Adib was beaten up by rioters in Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple on Monday morning (Nov 26).

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FeedMe Malaysia previously wrote according to news reports that the currently recovering firefighter was dragged out of emergency medical response service (EMRS) and his colleagues only realized he wasn’t in the vehicle when they returned to the station.

However, the USJ25 temple taskforce revealed today (Nov 28) that it wasn’t the rioters that beat up the 24-year-old bomba man that led to his severe injuries but he was actually hit by a fire engine that was reversed out of a sudden, The Star reported.

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Taskforce secretary V. K. Regu said in a press conference today that there are three videos circulating online that captured the moment where Muhammad Adib was hit by his colleagues in the firetruck.

“If you see the video, it shows the fireman being hit by the fire engine as it reversed and he was thrown against a fire rescue van that was behind the fire engine.

“The video also shows that the crowd did not hit the fireman, but actually tried to alert the fire engine to stop and brought the injured fireman to the hospital,” Regu told reporters at the temple.

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NST also quoted Regu saying as such, “Their action to knock on the window of the vehicle was to warn about the person at the back but the warning was not heeded.

“He (Muhammad Adib) was not beaten up, instead, he was being helped by the group after he got hit.”

Regu continued that his committee has evidence on the alleged “attack” on Muhammad Adib but chose not to lodge a police report, adding that they had helped the firefighters but were instead condemned by the public.

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FeedMe Malaysia was able to find the videos which had been reuploaded. In one of the videos, we saw the firetruck was suddenly reversed and a firefighter was seen walking to it (in 0:14).

The firetruck was being reversed in full speed after some rioters hit the front of the vehicle with big objects, some stones were also seen flung towards the firetruck.

One rioter was seen rushing to the back of the firetruck, as if to warn the unsuspecting firefighter. The firetruck smashed into the EMRS behind and pushed the ambulance-sized vehicle back to get out from the scene.

It’s believed that Muhammad Adib was caught in between the two of the vehicles.

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In another video, we saw the rioters were gathering around a person but the group didn’t seem agitated. A few men were seen lifting up a firefighter later which was topless.

The group cautiously brought the injured firefighter to a pickup truck and he was gingerly placed in the trunk.

It would be paradoxical if the rioters did beat him up yet still gathered around him anxiously and brought him to the hospital.

The question now is why did Fire and Rescue Department Director-General reportedly said Muhammad Adib was beaten up? The statement has caused great tensions between the two hostile groups since the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple relocation furore blew up.

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