Fishy Store Busted for Sticking Googly Eyes on Fish to Make Them Look Fresher

As a consumer, would you be mad if the retail tried to fool you into buying their product with a hilarious, top-of-the-class creative ploy? Judge it yourself!

Last Saturday (Sept 1), the Internet came alive with a comical crime coming from Kuwaiti where a supermarket in a deliberate attempt tried to make the fish look fresher by sticking googly eyes on them.

Source: Twitter

Photos and a video exposing the fishy trick had gone viral globally with international media outlets covering the food tempering story in a light-hearted way although the store was reportedly shut down after the incident.

Surely there wouldn’t be anyone that gullible to fall for the trick which was why netizens all over the world were trying to defend the store, while some couldn’t help but to crack some punny jokes.

For example, a verified Twitter user said she would condone “extremely creative crimes that don’t involve maiming another person,” and honestly, we are on her side!

Here’s another endorsing the idea.

Here are some great puns we found in regards to the full-scale scam:

Let’s not forget the top comments coming from 9GAG, one of the most engaging meme platforms.

Source: 9gag

Twitter user Sean Johnson had this hilarious gif to share with the world:

Source: Tenor | Twitter

In the original twitter post by @Bayan_kw which broke the news to the world, a competitor to the busted fishmonger responded with an updated slogan, “fish without cosmetics.” The picture came with a sparkling-eyed fish alongside with a selection of different coloured contact lenses, New York Post reported.

Googly eyes have always been a comical relief whenever anyone sees one. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how famous talk show host Conan O’Brien and his crowd crack up when actor Seth Green puts on a pair of googly eyes.

Co-host Andy Richter joins in as well.


So, would you be mad if you were to face with this? Let us know in the comments below.

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