Form 2 Boy Found Passed Out on School Bench Said He was Bullied into Drinking Liquor

Hear the boy out before making funny accusations, peeps!

A form 2 boy was found unconscious on a school bench with liquor and soda bottles near him yesterday (Jul 1), NST reported.

Source: Facebook

The boy was rushed to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan hospital after passersby noticed the boy in uniform was lying motionless there.

It is initially reported that the boy was supposed to attend afternoon classes but decided to skip them and joined two schoolmates to drink with cheap liquor.

Source: Facebook

Photos of the boys laying unconscious went viral on social media, some suspected that the boy suffered methanol poisoning. Some even blamed the government for allowing sundry shops to sell cheap liquors.

Source: Facebook

However, the student tried to clear the air by making a video statement today (Jul 2). In the 1-minute-and-26-second viral video, the boy claimed that he was bullied into drinking the liquor.

“They said the bottle only contained a carbonated drink, and I assumed it was true. I didn’t know it was mixed with liquor.

“I took two sips and felt dizzy. I became semi-conscious, but could hear people talking around me. When I regained consciousness, I was already in the hospital,” the boy said in Tamil.

Still laying in the hospital bed, the boy repeatedly maintained his innocence and pleaded the public not to spread fake news about him.

Source: Facebook

“I know (the incident occurred) during school hours, but someone forced me to do it. That was the first time I had ever consumed alcohol, and ended up in the hospital.

“My parents and siblings have had a hard time because of the incident. I am terribly shaken by the event too,” he said earnestly.

But the netizens did not buy his explanation.

“Don’t lie lah,” one netizen said, while another added in jest, “Good luck, future film director.”

Netizens posting disbelief gifs in response to the boy’s claim. Source: Facebook

“A very unlikely story but given the benefit of doubt for now till the case is thoroughly investigated,” another netizen wrote.

You can view the boy’s full video and the post about netizens blaming the government over this issue on the next page.

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